Hitting all the low probability percentage or when becoming a parent means losing control over everything (PART 1)
Collaboration | 22, June

We bought a beautiful house in June 2018. Our first one together! It was our safe heaven, full of dreams and ready to welcome our future children. July comes, and I get sick as a dog. We don’t know what is happening to me…

A few low-budget gift ideas for mom and baby!
Léa Nadeau | 12, June

A few low-budget gift ideas #Yay, to offer to a new mom and her baby!

A few tips for surviving as a student mom: balancing kids, studies and family time
Collaboration | 02, June

For most people, being a student and a parent at the same time seems to be a big deal, but the truth is that it’s possible and you can succeed at it. My daughter was born in April of 2018…

To you who thinks that being on maternity leave with a young baby is like being on vacation
Collaboration | 22, May

This post is for you, who tells me (or at least thinks) that I have time to get everything done since I am on maternity leave. LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE! “Yes, but you have time while the baby sleeps.” I’ll let you in on something…

Mom’s favorite baby products
Léa Nadeau | 16, May

will be going over many subjects, from feeding bottles to pacifiers. Items that you will probably need to acquire before the arrival of your little one. As a mom, I have used all of those items for several months (or even years) to raise my boys…

Feeling like you’ve just emerged from a cave, or having 2 babies in 2 years
Léa Nadeau | 22, March

I’m from the communications world. Whether it’s in my personal or my professional life, I’ve always been surrounded by lots of people.
Then I had a baby, and my first “maternity leave.” Then I got pregnant again, even before finishing my first maternity leave…