What you should REALLY bring for your baby’s hospital stay following their birth

Following my recent post about “What you should REALLY bring in your suitcase to give birth”. I have now created the perfect packing list for your future baby, mostly when you’re giving birth for the first time.

I have to mention that for baby’s list there are no intimidating items, unlike the ones on the mama’s list #YouHaveToReadThisPostToUnderstand. Usually, the main problem when packing for your baby is packing too much. You will see in the next couple of weeks that your baby won’t need much. All they need is a lot of love, a full stomach, a clean diaper and a couple outfits aligned with the weather and they are in business.

Here is my list of what you should REALLY bring for your baby’s hospital stay following his birth.

Quoi VRAIMENT apporter à ton bébé pour son séjour à l’hôpital, suite à sa naissance

6 pajamas
Since you don’t know how big your baby is going to be you will need 1” premature” pajamas, 3 “new born” pajamas and 2 “0-3 months” pajamas. And why so many? Because your baby will easily soil his pajamas by vomiting or by overflowing their diaper which might fit loosely due to their small size.

4 bodysuits
If it gets really hot in the hospital you will have more than enough bodysuit for your baby. Usually, the baby needs to keep their heat so adding a bodysuit under their pajamas will help them stay warm.

1 baby’s coming-home outfit
According to the time of the year.

2 small hats
To keep them warm.

Baby carrier
Similar to the Maman Kangourou. It’s a must.

Car seat
Otherwise, you won’t be able to bring your baby home.

For the next items, some hospital does provide them, but it is up to you to keep informed. If not, here is the list of the essentials to pack for the baby’s birth.

Diapers and baby wipes

Baby formula
If you don’t breastfeed.

Change mat
To change their diapers.

Small washcloths
For the small and the big mess that will happen for sure.

A blanket to swaddle your baby

Baby shampoo

Did you bring anything else that was useful for your baby’s birth at the hospital?

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