When 2 skin care products make you wonder where your wrinkles have gone!
Sacha Nadeau | 19, June

That said, not long after I discovered my wrinkles, I received a package from Neostrata, which put a smile back on my face. Why so? I tested these two products from Neostrata for more than 3 weeks…

Hachiro Ramen Bar; the new ramen bar you’ve got to try this summer in Vancouver
Sacha Nadeau | 18, June

The first ever ramen bar in North Vancouver has just opened! A few weeks ago, I had the chance to experience this brand-new restaurant located on the edge of Vancouver; Hachiro Ramen Bar.

How the O’terra Clinic Helped Me Lose My Pregnancy Weight, Cure My Eczema and Get Healthier!
Léa Nadeau | 13, June

Needless to say, after all that I’m a little “worn out” health-wise, but I’m happy. I’m at the stage now where I have more time to take care of myself. And that’s when the O’terra Clinic came into my life like an angel from heaven #SlightExagerationHere haha…

In search of a coffee machine? I’ve found just what you need!
Sacha Nadeau | 01, June

I have been dreaming of having my own espresso machine for the past few months. We had started looking at what was available on the market to make sure the one we would buy would be a part of the family for many years to come. That’s how, while looking for my first espresso machine, I came across the Smeg brand…

If you like photography, this one is for you!
Collaboration | 28, May

Back in 2015, I got to attend Alexandre Champagne’s very first photo workshop. It’s been a little while since, but people around me keep asking me a ton of questions about my photography technic…

My little miraculous solution to get back in shape: the monthly box subscription Moi D’abord
Collaboration | 20, May

It’s not that easy to get back in shape after labor. For the last two years, my body has changed so much. I’ve tried to stop it, but without success. I had a revelation when I discovered the monthly box subscription Moi D’abord: a little box that is delivered at your place in the middle of the month…

A girls’ getaway at Le Manoir Richelieu in Charlevoix
Collaboration | 18, May

There is something magical in sleeping at Le Manoir Richelieu. The hotel, a well-known establishment in Quebec, overlooks the magnificent St. Lawrence River and is located in a quite prominent region when you want to be a tourist. Charlevoix is a popular region for #foodies as well as for #slowtravelers…

Have you tried the Nordique Spa Stoneham since its reopening? A must-do outing in Quebec City!
Léa Nadeau | 27, April

Without hesitation, my partner and I jumped in the car and headed off to rediscover this amazing spa, that reopened just a few weeks ago. Located in Stoneham, on the banks of the Jacques-Cartier River, the spa is in the middle of the forest…

Patio season is officially on with this light lemon and gin soda
Sacha Nadeau | 30, March

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come! Come on out, enjoy your patio, lounge, get all that vitamin D you have been craving for months! Let’s celebrate summer with Nude’s tasty lemon and gin soda!

I tried Benefit They’re Real’s mascara and here is what I thought!
Sacha Nadeau | 25, March

I finally tried the famous Benefit They’re Real mascara that gives you perfect lashes, so they say! I bought the mini size sold at Sephora because, for me, it’s enough to know if it fits. I used the mini mascara for a full month, which is good considering its tiny size.

Hydrate, purify and exfoliate your skin with these 4 face masks!
Sacha Nadeau | 07, March

You’re probably wondering… What exactly did we try? Well, we’ve actually tried a new product line of 4 facial masks from Yves Rocher. Each have a specific purpose that goes together wonderfully! These masks are easy to use, affordable and work really well!

Becoming eco-responsible one coffee at a time
Sacha Nadeau | 05, March

Do you remember a few years ago when single-use coffee capsules entered our lives? I mean, what a smart invention, I sure was a big fan of those! By pressing a single button and in only a few seconds, you get this delicious cup of coffee…

My tiny smart home – Google Home Mini review
Sacha Nadeau | 01, March

I have been testing my Google Home Mini for a few weeks now and thought I would share with you what I really thought of it. To do so, I will list out the pros and cons of this powerful assistant speaker.

I made my own wedding dress: All the details about our unique DIY wedding day!
Sacha Nadeau | 24, February

I wanted to share with you all the little details that made my bride OOTD. Here is where you can find out all about my unique made-to-measure wedding dress made with my little hands, my makeup, the flowers, etc!

I am going away on my honeymoon, here is what I packed in my suitcase!
Sacha Nadeau | 05, February

Each time we travel, we get asked; “What are you packing in your suitcase?!?”. To help you pack for your next trip, we’ve created a list of everything I packed in my suitcase for my honeymoon. A very complete list from…

A one of a kind DIY wedding: Here’s how I planned my small wedding!
Sacha Nadeau | 30, January

We are so happy about our small wedding and to have finally tied to knot after all those years together. On the morning of December 28, we woke up very slowly enjoying every little moment…