Vanilla and orange pear crisp
| 23 July

This is yummy! A refreshing summer dessert, my vanilla and orange pear crisp will change you from the traditional apple crisp! Plus, it’s nice and light…

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Miraculous one hour bread
| 3 May

I have created this miraculous bread recipe that only requires one hour of your time, with only 5 minutes of active work. That’s how we like it! The bread is perfect when toasted with a touch of dulce de leche spread or grilled in the oven like garlic bread. You can even use it for sandwiches…

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One bottle, two concentrated formula to help reduce the look of imperfections + a bonus deep-cleansing face mask
| 18 August

Recently, I found out about Lierac’s products, and I must say that they’ve charmed me. I love Lierac’s double concentrate packaging. I mean, they put in one bottle two concentrated formulas to solve all my problems…

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8 places in Quebec City to add to your bucket list this summer
| 6 August

You’re visiting Quebec City for a day, a weekend or a week and you’re wondering where to go out, what to do and where to eat!?

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The road less travelled: experiencing Barcelona differently during our round-the-world trip
| 20 August

When you think Barcelona, you think Güell Palace and its park, Casa Battló, Casa Amatller, the Barcelona aquarium (one of the largest in Europe), the multitude of beaches, the Gothic Quarter, delicious tapas and, of course, the Sagrada Familia (amongst many other things)…

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Leaving home for our family trip around the world and our first few days in Paris
| 12 August

There it is, the long-awaited departure has finally come for our one-year trip around the world. We locked the keys on June 29th, but took off for our first destination only on July 4th, so we visited family members during those few days…

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10 things you should and shouldn’t say to someone who has anxiety
| 11 May

This week is dedicated to mental health awareness in Québec. This topic is too important for me to keep it for myself. There are still too many prejudices related to mental health. So, I decided to write a short guide of what you should and shouldn’t say to someone who has anxiety in order to help you…

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My dad told me “to enjoy life” and that’s what I’m going to do
| 6 May

My dad once told me “to enjoy life” and I felt like it was the right time for me to do so. This way I will be able to manage my own schedule while being an educator, but not full-time…

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Learning to love yourself after giving birth: a letter to myself
| 16 August

The day I became a mom, I learned how to love myself and how to see me for who I am. I learned to know myself better and how to accept who I am as a person…

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An ode to a stepfather
| 10 August

Today, I’m writing for every woman that one day or another had to broke up with the dad of their child(ren). First, being single again can be scary, but you all deserve a second chance in love…

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