8 places in Quebec City to add to your bucket list this summer

You’re visiting Quebec City for a day, a weekend or a week and you’re wondering where to go out, what to do and where to eat!?

My 1-year world tour trip with my family made me wonder which would be the places I would miss the most from my beloved Quebec City and which are the ones I would recommend to anyone visiting the city or to any locals wanting to get out of its house.

So here are my favourite places where I know everyone will love… Or where you might find me once I get back from a trip around the world:

Hono Izakaya :A Japanese tavern in Quebec’s lower town on St-Joseph Street. The atmosphere, the food, the drinks —I mean everything—is a success. It’s the place to visit for sake lovers! You’ll fall in love with their budget-friendly tapas-style menu made for sharing.

La Baie de Beauport :Such a cool a place where you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors when it’s sunny and hot in Quebec City. The city’s beach is the perfect place for an afternoon with family and friends. There’s a huge outdoor playground for children, LOTS of sand, hammocks, deckchairs, water games, food trucks and lots of activities are offered. You won’t regret visiting the beach.

Chocolats Favoris :I wonder if it still needs presentation, but in Quebec City, it’s a must for every chocolate lover out there. They make one of the best chocolate dips/fondues I know. For me, who has a sweet tooth, it’s ALWAYS a small vanilla soft served dipped in the dulce de leche. And you, what’s your favourite kind?!

La cours arrière du Festibière :Such a cool spot where you can enjoy afternoons and hot evenings with friends in Quebec City—it’s probably one of the most beautiful terraces in Quebec City. The only place in town where you can sip your drink your feet in a pool. There’s even a band during summer evenings to add to the atmosphere.

À double tour et Défi Évasion : 2 immersive game companies in Quebec City, where I played several times with family and friends. I had such fun there! You reconnect with your inner child. You experience real experience while being in an unreal world. It’s such a great experience. You can learn more here.

Rivière à Sushi – Sushi Nicky :One of my favourite places in Quebec City for sushi—my favourite take out to enjoy a romantic dinner at home once the kids are in bed. I love their homemade smoked salmon. Plus, their restaurant in Limoilou has a “sushi river” bar. An amazing place to visit in the beautiful capital.

Chez mai :An extremely popular “bring your own wine” Asian restaurant. It’s ALWAYS crowded, even during the week. Their dishes are delicious, the waiters are very kind and the menu is cheap. We often pay $40 for 2 4-course meals (soup, starter, meal, dessert and coffee).

La Légende par La Tanière :A fine restaurant in Quebec City perfect for fancy dinners. Their dishes are made with fresh local ingredients. A thoughtful and tasty cuisine; your palate will ask for more. If you’re interested, you can find my article about my last visit at the bottom of this article.

Le Méga Parc des Galeries de la Capitale :It’s the perfect place for a fun afternoon with family and friends on a cold or rainy day. The newly renovated park now has 18 attractions a large choice of little restaurants where you can eat and drink in an “industrial” decor.

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