Sainte-Anne Canyon: A Family Activity to Do This Summer

Last summer, our family had the opportunity to discover one of the most breathtaking natural treasures around Quebec City: Sainte-Anne Canyon! Located just 35 minutes from Quebec City, this site offers an unforgettable experience for all nature and adventure enthusiasts, whether with family or friends. Our visit with my children was full of discoveries (shall I mention the permanent rainbow forming above the falls?) and thrilling moments (you can fly over the canyon!!).

I’m more than delighted to share my family experience with you and give my opinion on this beautiful natural park!


In a short 2 KM hike through the site, you can admire a waterfall over 74 meters high – EVEN SURPASSING THE FAMOUS NIAGARA FALLS (yes, I’m shouting XD it’s a big deal!). The trails are well-marked, as I had my 2-year-old with us, and he managed to follow the paths with little intervention from us, except for climbing (and some descending) stairs.

As it’s a canyon, expect heights! There are some steep staircases to climb and descend at certain points on the site. So, it’s not stroller-friendly. A baby carrier is recommended for the little ones.

Suspension Bridges and Thrills

One of the highlights of our visit was crossing the suspension bridges. At a height of 60 meters above the canyon, these bridges offer a breathtaking view of the waterfall – and the chasm below #Lolilol, but don’t worry, the suspension bridges are well-secured. It was an exhilarating experience for both kids and adults, who loved the adrenaline of walking above the void.

For the grand finale, we also had the chance to try the AirCanyon! A zip line that allows you to fly over the canyon from one side to the other. This activity offered us a unique and thrilling perspective of the site, providing exciting little sensations for my two older kids, aged 6 and 7. To this day, it remains one of their most memorable memories of our visit to Sainte-Anne Canyon.

For the rates and prices of the various attractions offered at Sainte-Anne Canyon, it’s here.

NEW FOR 2024

This year, Sainte-Anne Canyon is offering a new interactive activity: a digital scavenger hunt via a mobile app. By scanning QR codes placed along the trails, you can answer questions and learn more about the site’s history and wildlife. As it wasn’t available last year, I couldn’t test it, but I’m sure it adds an educational, yet fun, dimension to exploring the Canyon.

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We highly recommend visiting this exceptional site and having your own adventure in the heart of Quebec’s nature. You won’t be disappointed!

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