Chocolate spread – vegan and nut-free!
Sacha Nadeau | 07, September

A little over two years ago, I stopped buying Nutella, but I have been craving the delicious chocolate spread a little bit too much lately. Before creating this recipe, I had several criteria in mind. First, I did not want this spread to cost an arm and a leg, as hazelnut can get pretty expensive!

Vanilla and orange pear crisp
Sacha Nadeau | 23, July

This is yummy! A refreshing summer dessert, my vanilla and orange pear crisp will change you from the traditional apple crisp! Plus, it’s nice and light…

Lavender simple syrup
Sacha Nadeau | 11, April

Last summer, we added a lavender plant to our urban garden. All summer long, it smelled so good on our patio and then winter came. We picked up the flowers not really knowing what to do with it. Here is my recipe of lavender simple syrup…

Easy crunchy Kit Kat chocolate truffles
Sacha Nadeau | 12, February

This month is all about love, but also all about chocolate! Valentine day is approaching fast and for the occasion we’re sharing with you this very easy Kit Kat chocolate truffle recipe…