My real-life childbirth dream

I would be the first person to be very skeptical about reading a post of this kind. But believe it or not, during my second pregnancy, I had a dream about my real-life childbirth.

More exactly, one morning during my first trimester I woke up from my dream being certain that I would be giving birth on July 31st or August 1st.

In my dream, somebody (that I can’t recall) was telling me that I was going to give birth during one of those days and that I would be at 38 weeks.

When I got up that morning I told everything to my partner about my weird dream. He had a hard time believing me, he was even laughing about it. But I still had the feeling that something was odd. So, I looked at the calendar and saw that the dates were matching with my 38 weeks of pregnancy.

I told my friends and my family, so we could all joke about it #lol! At first, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, then time passed by and I totally forgot about my dream.

On the evening of July 30th, still in denial about my real-life childbirth dream, we packed our bags for the hospital. #HummAt38Weeks (Yes, I know we were a little late, let’s say it was a busy summer.) Once all is packed, at 10 pm we got ready for bed.

All of a sudden, in between 10 pm and 1 am I heard a “pop” coming from inside of me. As I remembered, the feeling was quite similar to when I first gave birth and that my water broke. I knew what it was, but I was so sleepy that I went back to bed #NotStressedAtAll . At 1 am on July 31st I got up to go to the bathroom and then my water broke.

Hop! It’s time to go to the hospital!

Everything went well (I will write a post about it soon 😉 ) and my baby was born at 3 pm on July 31st.

Just like in my dream!!

Crazy hey?!

Have you ever had a real-life childbirth dream?

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