My top 5 items to get you prepared for breastfeeding

I am sharing with you my top 5 items to have on hand when you’re planning on breastfeeding.

And the best is to buy them BEFORE GIVING BIRTH… So, you won’t have to run around the stores to get them while being super post-partum. #NotAGoodMix

Let’s say when I gave birth of Téo I only realized once I gave birth to him, that I didn’t have all these items on hand.

So, with my last little bit of energy, there I was browsing the internet trying to find a nursing cover, nipple cream and etc. And then I was sending my boyfriend on a mission so he could bring everything back home…! Let’s say It was far from being our best plan.

Here are my top 5 items to prepare you for breastfeeding and if you would like to know more about my journey filled with ups and downs – it’s right here.


Before giving birth, I had no clue that the perfect nursing pillow existed. When you have to do breastfeed 12 times a day #BresatfeedingYourLife, you quickly understand what it means to have a GOOD nursing pillow on hand. I recommend you get one, like now! I purchased mine at Clément, it’s from a brand called NEKA and I love it.

I also like this one from Justine Claveau Confection, that I always take with me when leaving the house. This one is light whilst being comfortable and it can be easily packed in the diaper bag.

coussin d'allaitement


If you slightly feel like breastfeeding, I recommend you buy a good breast pump. It’s all about the little things using a good breast pump will help your milk supplies and therefore will keep you going.

It will relieve your breast, help your milk production, give you breathing space and allow you to go out without your baby. I also find it very useful when your nipples are cracked, you can pump your milk and give it to your baby afterward, it gives your nipples a break! The breast pump is a must have!

According to my experience and to my friend’s testimony, I highly recommend you buy an electric breast pump. I used the Swing #1 from Medela and I personally love it. Also, this breast pump is highly recommended by the health professional, always good to know!



Yes, you do need some! The nipple cream is made of lanolin which helps soothe your nipples as well as helping them to heal. Because they have never been this cracked in their entire life. #Lolzz. I use the brand Lansinoh, it can easily be found in any good pharmacy. Also, after each feed, I usually apply some of my breast milk onto my nipple and then I let it dry in the open air. Breast milk has special properties which help your body to heal and to be cured. This trick saved my breasts.


I didn’t have a nursing cover during the first couple months and I deeply regretted it. When your baby is younger (before 3 or 4 months) breastfeeding can be challenging and so is getting the baby latched on properly. It can take many tries to successfully nurse them. It was important for me to know that my nipples were kept private when he would unlatch.

Also, for the first couple of months, my baby always tends to unlatch during his feed, for no reason. The nursing cover was then very useful to allow baby to take breaks while I kept everything private. At the beginning of breastfeeding we all are learners and let me tell you that we are learning about many aspects. So, knowing everything was hiding behind that cover really helped me to chill out. I used a nursing cover with a semi-flexible contour. Much handier than the shawl, according to my experience.

I was only using the nursing cover when we were going out in public when he turned 4 months, I let it go. Even though you only use it for a short period of time, it’s definitely worth the investment. And if you’re like me, you can buy one that’s second hand to save a couple bucks. #Yay!

Les 5 items à avoir pour être prête en vue d’allaiter | Sparks and Bloom


I am thinking here of a nursing bottle adapted to your baby’s age (with a low flow) as well as bags to store your breast milk.

These bags allow you to store your breast milk in the freezer for a long period of time. You can then feed your baby with them later on. Storing your milk in this kind of mini “ziploc” bag will preserve your milk for 6 to 12 months. Personally, I really liked knowing I had a milk bank in the freezer, I felt freer. This way I could have my baby babysat while knowing he had all the milk he needed.

Voilà! Those are my top 5 items to get you prepared for breastfeeding.

Did you use anything else that you found very useful?

  1. What I find more necessary than all of these is a BIG bottle of water. You will be more thirsty than you have in your entire life and it will hit you just as your baby is comfortably latched… Dont sit down without it, you will regret its! lol

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