Less is more: Our must-have when travelling light with a 6-month or younger baby

Let’s be honest, it’s quite stressful to travel for the first time with a 6-month old or younger baby.

We don’t want to forget anything, so we overpack the suitcase with extra “just in case” items.

So, here we are, leaving for our first trip with a young baby and a super heavy luggage.

I remember my first trip with baby Téo. At the time, he was 5-month old, and we were travelling to Italy for a month.

Let’s be real, I had brought way too many things! Haha!!

And therefore, to avoid breaking your back (like we did) while carrying that unnecessary stuff #BackPackerStyle, I want to let you in on a little secret. One that we learned while travelling with our young family. Without bragging, with our few trips of several weeks all over the planet with baby Téo, then baby Ély, and finally, with our wonderful family trip around the world, I can certainly answer all of your questions and concerns.

So, here is what you should pack in your suitcase when travelling light with a young baby.


One of the first questions we ask ourselves is: How/where is my baby going to sleep?

Most hotels or rental apartments have cribs available for rent. Just ask for it and arrange the details with them.

If it is not available, at that age, most babies are so small and move around so little that mommy’s bed is often just fine.

I know, I know, not everyone loves to co-sleep with their baby.

If it’s the case, there are small travel tents made for babies to sleep in. It’s what I used for Téo when we were in Italy, but I have to admit that if I had to do it again, I would have put Téo to sleep in our bed or even — hang in there, directly on the floor (if no crib is available)! Now, do not call Child Services. What I mean is I would make up a bed out of folded blankets, or a sofa cushion, etc. It’s a trick we’ve used even to this day when our hotel room doesn’t have enough beds for everyone… And everybody’s doing just fine.


I won’t let it go! It can’t travel with my baby without a baby carrier AND a stroller.

The baby carrier comes in handy on hikes or when baby needs to sleep on the train or on a plane. Then again, I also know that on one side, many moms love to bring their stroller on a trip and that on the other side, many hates it.

To me, it’s “Never without my stroller” on a trip.

That’s because I am particularly happy with a stroller when the destination we are visiting is very hot and that my small baby is in the cool shade of its stroller (and not skin to skin with me, while both of us are sweating).

Also, when travelling with a small baby (6 months or younger), let’s be real, mom and dad will still be allowed some VERY romantic moments with each other, just as if the baby was not there. With the countless naps a baby takes at that age, and if you have a stroller, there will be plenty of time to enjoy a beer on a terrace or to eat until late while looking into each other’s eyes. As if NOBODY (or almost nobody ?, I swear) was there — because your dear child will be sound asleep in its stroller.


Here’s another stressful topic.

If you are breastfeeding a 6-month old or younger baby, then I can assure you that it will be a piece of cake — no need to bring anything (just yourself :D) to feed the baby whenever and wherever you are. I have breastfed in U.S.A, Cuba, Italy, Canada, and many other countries and never had to worry about someone giving me a weird look for breastfeeding in public.

Now, if you are bottle-feeding your young baby, I would advise you stick to the proverb that says “less is more” AND not to forget that there are babies all around the world (therefore plenty of stuff to find if you lose something along the way).

I recommend bringing a good bottle warmer, like the one from Philips Avent, which will gently and evenly heat your baby’s milk. This compact and reliable bottle warmer even allows you to heat a 150 ml / 5 oz bottle of milk in just 3 minutes – well and quickly done. If you are travelling to a country where the electrical outlets are not the same as those of your bottle warmer, don’t forget to bring an adapter!

You will also need a few bottles (2 or 3 max) to feed your baby. I recommend bringing Philips Avent’s Anti-colic bottles as they are easy to wash and that their AirFree ventilation system is designed to reduce baby’s colic, reflux and gas.


Oh, that’s an easy one! You don’t need anything! Haha!

Ok, alright, I can hear the skeptics in the room.

But it’s true! When travelling with a 6-month or younger baby for a few days or a few weeks, you most likely won’t need anything to entertain them. They will play with their fingers or yours, a plastic bottle, a piece of paper, the hotel’s TV remote, a small sunscreen tube (make sure it’s closed), or their blanket and pacifier, or any other objects they can find! We recommend travelling with Philips Avent’s Soothie snuggle as it’s a two in one! Your baby can play with the soft plush toy and find calm and comfort when using the pacifier.

I am now talking with experience, but if only you saw how many toys I packed for Téo when we first went travelling with him to Italy, you would laugh! I filled up a whole bag of toys, which he didn’t use, but back then, I didn’t have Sparks and Bloom to gather information from!  ?


I would advise you to bring along small size bottles of your baby’s bath products. (Remember that if those items are put in your carry-on bag, they must be of 100ml or less. That’s for all cream and liquids.)

A baby’s skin is fragile, and it’s important to carry a shampoo product that won’t hurt your baby’s eyes.

Therefore, I would recommend bringing your baby’s usual soap, moisturizer and shampoo.

Finally, as a very young baby is limited to the pharmaceutical products that they can take, I would recommend you bring the classic acetaminophen and ibuprofen for infants. There is no need to bring anything else if ever something happens, as I like to say, there are pharmacies all over the world.


Then again, less is more!

You have to tell yourself that baby clothes aren’t that big and that they can easily be hand-washed in a bathroom sink – and they dry pretty quickly. Remember, they’re laundromats everywhere in the world. ?

Therefore, chances are you will find a laundromat near your hotel or rental unit.

I would bring enough clothes to dress your baby for 4 days and then wash clothes as you go.

So, that’s what concludes my tips on what to bring when travelling light with a young baby.

I am wishing you a lovely trip with your baby and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have in the comment section below, and I will happily answer them!

** This post was sponsored by PTPA Media and Philips Avent. However, all opinions are ours and are 100% authentic as a way to inspire each and every one in our day-to-day lives. The Sparks and Bloom sisters swear by this!

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