Tips to travel with a stroller; my experience

Travelling with a baby, comes with its load of stuff to bring along, including a stroller. I had heard many times that stroller could easily break while being transported on a plane, mostly on the longer flights. I went through a long process, wondering if I should buy a cheaper and used stroller for that trip or if I should use my own (Babytrend EXPEDITION with big pneumatic wheels). Buying a used stroller, also meant extra cost but also less comfort for the baby. After discussing with my baby daddy, we decided to take a guess and bring our stroller along. After all, what’s the point of owning a good stroller if it’s not to use it at anytime, right?

My family, ready for the adventure!

 It turned out to be a great decision. The place we visited were often made of rocky sidewalk and had one too many bumpy roads. I would have felt sorry for my baby, if we had had bought a cheap stroller, like poor thing! Thankfully, my stroller was well equipped and comfortable, mostly due to the big pneumatic wheel and to the good suspension #grateful. Not to add that our baby had one too many naps in his stroller #BeerOnTePatio #LateNightDinner #UnfitParents #HappyCouple. For all the night, we went out pass bed time, I was very happy to know that baby T could lay and rest comfortably when he needed to.

As it turned out, our stroller survived the plane trip #YAY. It has a couple extra scratches, but that’s due to all to of the roads we went down to explore these new landscapes, which now fulfilled our memories. 🙂

Did you bring your stroller along? Would you recommend it?

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