Ready for a baby? How to know if you really are?

I’ve always loved babies and kids, I love being surrounded by them, but admitting that I want a baby… Humm? I really don’t know! It scares me a little bit.

I feel like as long as you haven’t lived it, it’s difficult and scary to know if you’re ready. Mostly when your relatives all have kids and they just keep on telling you their horror stories. #HelloSister #lol

And I listen to all those stories and keep on pushing a little bit more the day I will claim myself as “ready to be a mom”. Hearing all those stories often turns me off… But at the same time, am I even going to be ready one day? Is anyone ready for all the unknown that a baby brings and for all those sleepless nights? When you’re unsure, the best thing to do is to avoid it, which is what I have been doing lately.

Sometimes I wonder if other moms ever had an awaking moment, where they felt like this was it, they had to have a baby… Or not. #SoManyQuestions

I have always seen having a baby as a major milestone in someone’s life, but also as a milestone, I would feel like passing at some point in my life. At first, you meet the boyfriend, then a couple years later, things get a little more serious or you buy a home, you have a good job and it’s at that moment that you create a little bundle of joy.

Some days, I feel like I am at that stage, while others I am quite enjoying this life of mine. So, am I ready or not? #StillDontKnow

I’ve read so many blog posts on the subject and I’ve even done a couple tests on the internet. #LolYep

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Maybe I’m thinking too much, but sometimes I feel like I might be ready for a baby, or not. #lol I feel like at some point it comes down to this: “Will I be able to care for that child?”. And by that, I mean the essential: giving them a lot of love, a warm bed to sleep in, a clean diaper and food. I strongly believe I can. So maybe I am ready for it after all!

How did you know you were ready to have a baby?

Did it come naturally?

Did you have an awaking moment?

Tell me everything!

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