My son wears “girl’s underwear”

As we are currently potty training Téo, I went to buy him underwears. Well, as he loves the movie Moana so much, I couldn’t help myself when I saw in the girl’s section the Moana underwear, I had to get them for him.

I didn’t think anything of it, so I took the pack of underwear and went home thinking he was going to love it. All I was thinking was, as he loves Moana so much, he would probably try to avoid peeing on her as she figures on his panty. Things only a mother could think of! #lol

Here I am, coming back home, proud of myself, without never thinking about the fact that I had just bought girl’s underwear for my son to wear. But from the moment I got home, I received all sorts of comments for doing so.

But really?


It’s 2018.




I’m trying to ignore those useless comments as I don’t believe a print or a colour and mostly not a famous movie character should be reserved for girls only or vice versa.

It left me speechless.

How can I teach my boys now that it’s not ok? In a world full of prejudice, I find those comments should be avoided. Can I just let my son wear underwear that features one of his favorite movie characters? I don’t want to argue with anyone, but at the same time, I would like to make them understand that their ways of thinking are backward and outdated… and clearly not how I want to raise my sons.

There is a lot going on in my mind about this subject, but before going too far, I would prefer reflecting and have a better understanding of the situation.

What do you think? But most importantly, do you have those kinds of discussions at home too? Do you believe colours or objects should be reserved for a certain gender only?

Or had you never dared to test it out, scared to end up in the same situation?

I want to hear your thoughts!

  1. I completely agree with your approach to the situation. I have never been able to fully comprehend the reasoning behind something being “for boys only” or “for girls only”. When it comes to preference; things such as clothing, toys or etc. then I believe kids should be free to explore any and all colors that they wish. Go with what your mom instinct tells you to do. Let your boy wear them.

  2. You are fantastic and I love your style , my mother used to buy me unisex childrens briefs until the horrible Y fronts came on the market , ever since I left school I have bought myself womens panties ,some plain but most frilly . hope your son enjoys his nice girly knickers.

  3. Comfort (and excitement for staying dry) are of Paramount importance. Presumably, few will even see the underwear. As long as your son is happy, that’s what matters. I wouldn’t worry unless he was older and would potentially be bullied, such as in the locker room.

  4. When your son grows up and still wears panties, will you still support him? And what if your man starts wearing panties? Will you be ok with that as well? I will not judge you, but in general most women will not like their man wearing panties. So when your son starts dating and still wears panties that might get to be a problem. Or will you stop him from wearing girl’s underwear when he turns seven? Or ten, or whatever age you think it will not be appropriate anymore to wear clothes dezigned for the other sex.

    There is definitely nothing wrong with wearing nice underwear with a nice print on it, but boys even at a very young age are very aware that what they are wearing was not intended to be worn by boys. And quite often they will like it. And they will not want to stop wearing those soft and pretty things. And then they grow up with a secret part of their life.

    It happened to me. But in my case it was not my mum that started it, I did it myself form the age of four or maybe even before that…

    1. It’s absolutely fine. You have done the right thing and if it makes your son happy, then do not let anyone tell you it’s wrong. If anyone has a problem with it, then it really is their problem. The whole “Blue for boys, pink for girls” is a dated concept, that thankfully being eroded. And when he grows up and if he continues to wear knickers then so what? He will be happier for it and be forever greatful to you, for being a supportive and loving, Mother.

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