Breaking News; It’s not mandatory to give your baby’s first bath at the hospital

Did you know that it’s not mandatory to give your baby’s first bath at the hospital?

We usually don’t think about it. We let everything be as if it was part of a post-birth routine. But it’s your “right” to say no to the nurse that’s taking away your baby for their first bath.

When you’re giving birth for the first time you usually don’t think about every aspect of it. So, it’s easier to be guided by the nurse than to try to control everything.


And that’s exactly what happened to me when I gave birth to my firstborn. The nurse entered the room, Téo was barely 8 hours old, and together we went to give him a bath.

There is nothing wrong with that.

But, as soon as you get to know more about the subject, you quickly realize that there are a lot of benefits in waiting a couple days before giving a bath to your newborn baby.

I know that some of you may think it’s weird to wait a couple days. Thinking that the baby is so “dirty” as they are covered in blood, amniotic fluids as well as waxy white substance (vernix).

But after reading on the subject you will soon understand the benefits. Plus, The World Health Organization is highly recommending this practice.


Waiting a couple days before bathing your baby for the first time has many benefits;

  • It helps prevent your baby’s body heat loss following their birth.
  • Your newborn will keep their sweet little baby smell longer #BestSmellEver. (Seriously newborns smell like buttery croissant coming out of the oven. No joke, I am barely exaggerating!!! If you’re giving birth soon, make sure to take a puff of your newborn’s smell! 😉 )
  • The vernix will be absorbed by their skin, protecting them against the germs whilst keeping their skin moisturized and nourished with nutrients.


I have waited 4 days before giving a bath to my baby.

When we told the nurse, we were going to pass on her offer, she came back asking 3 times to make sure we really wanted to wait. It seemed pretty unusual for her not to bath a newborn!

But knowing that waiting a couple days can bring so many benefits to your baby it makes you think!

Did you give your baby’s first bath at the hospital? Did you wait a couple days? Tell me more, I am thrilled to hear about your experience!

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