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(I wrote this post 2 weeks before giving birth to Ély. These are the thoughts I had in mind before giving birth to my second and most beautiful little human.)

A couple of weeks (or days) before giving birth to my second child, I find that those last moments when you live everything through uncertainty while waiting for the next step has something very mysterious and how to say, “bigger than us”.

First, we have no control over when this little human will come into this world, we know we will soon be meeting this little human that took over 9 months to develop itself in our body. We now call ourselves ready to jump into this next season of life and to live with him for the rest of our life.

That’s also what it means. It’s crazy to think that the moment this little boy will be born, he will be with us forever.

There is also a very emotional side to all of this, thinking this will be the last time I will only have one child, the last time that we will be just the 2 of us, the last time in a long time that I will have a good night of sleep #oopsy. And my last moments of freedom, as we all know that bringing a new baby into this world, a baby that will depend on me to feed itself, as I will be breastfeeding will be tough.

All of this is somewhat magical, precious, a little crazy and scary as well.

…And now, I am reading this last line, and something caught my eye. After all, that’s what life is all about – being magical, precious, a little crazy and scary!

And that’s what this season of life brings to us when we become parents, it’s magical, precious, and a little crazy all at once!

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