The long wait before finding out your baby’s gender

I am pregnant, or should I say we are pregnant. (You can’t do that, alone right?! #Haha)

For a couple weeks now, we have been wondering if we are having a boy or a girl. Some mornings I feel a 100% confident that we are having a boy and some other mornings I feel like we are having a girl because of my bump’s shape.

It takes so much time before finding out!! During my first appointment with the doctor, I was told we would be finding out about our baby’s gender during the 18 weeks to the 22nd week of pregnancy. For me, that meant that at 18 weeks I would know it all! #Unpatient #lol

And then during my last appointments, I was told we would be finding out at 22 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor told me that’s how the procedures are now as it easier to predict the sex of the baby at that stage. You know what that means?! I have to wait another 2 weeks before finding our out little baby’s gender.

All I can say is that I have been browsing the internet in search of homemade methods to predict my baby’s gender. I have over 50% chance of being wrong, but who cares at least it was fun!

Here are the suggested methods by the internets to predict your baby’s gender, but also the result each method gave me:


You string the needle with the threads and you hold It over your left hand’s palm. At first, you rub the side of the needle against your pinky finger and then you let the needle move on its own over your palm. If the needle, while moving, is creating circles, this means you’re having a girl, if the needle is creating straight lines this means you’re having a boy.

My result: a boy


Many say that if the future mother’s bump is lower and that the bump’s shape is more elm it means she’s having a boy. If your bump is a little bit wider than usual and is higher it means you’re having a girl.

My result: a girl


During our medical appointment, we listened to the heart beat our baby using a dopple fetal monitor. This machine can give your baby’s heart rate using numbers. They say that if the heart beats of your baby his faster than 140 beats per minute; you’re having a boy, if the heart beats are slower than 140 beats per minute; you’re having a girl.

My result: a boy


Using the month of the conception of your baby and your birth year the Chinese calendar can predict the gender of your baby.

My result: a girl

As of today, all the tests I have done are split in between the two genders. #lol All I have left to do is wait for the actual result!

Until then, what other tests did you use to try to predict your baby’s gender?

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