6 essentials tips to enjoy crowded events with your baby

Written by A. R. ,Mama

Does going out with your baby in crowded events makes you anxious? I was one of those mamas!

Believe me, I had to learn quickly to develop tips and tricks that would facilitate my life and my son’s life when visiting his father at work. What does dad do for a living? He is a professional footballer. Trust me, the tips I am about to give you, have been tested so many times and all the way up to a 20 000 person event!

My son was 6 months old when he attended his father’s first football game. At first, I was very scared to be disrupting his nightly routine (dinner, play time, bath, story, milk, bedtime). All the games are at night, exactly at the time my baby would be going to bed, such an IMPORTANT moment in a baby’s routine. I thought he was too young for this type of event and the noise how so LOUD. Are these events, even baby friendly? Besides, there is no point in thinking ahead… So, I jumped right in. First game with my baby, here we go!

I am sharing my best advice, the ones I learned after attending so many football games with my baby in any kind of weather. I hope this will help you pack your bag!

Here is a picture that perfectly resumes the 3 first essentials: a baby carrier, a backpack (not a diaper bar, a BACKPACK), and baby’s ear muff.

Let’s be honest, I don’t look very glamorous in this picture. I opted for comfort over look. Personally, to enjoy a good night out it implies that my son is comfortable and that I AM as well.

Must have number 1: The baby carrier

We are so lucky to be mamas in 2017 while the baby carriers are trending. There are so many models and style to choose from. We can easily find the style that works with our lifestyle while still being comfortable. Carrying your baby through a crowded event helps quite a bit. There is no clutter or restriction due to the size of your stroller. The baby is at the front, your backpack is at the back, we are going for the comfort. For those of you who still wish to look stylish whilst attending an event with your baby, you can now find a ton of trendy baby carrier to match your style.

6 conseils essentiels pour profiter des évènements à grandes foules avec bébé

Must have number 2: The backpack

The backpack is really important because it helps you balance the weight with your baby at the front. With a backpack, you have all the room you need, plus you can carry your water bottle and baby’s milk bottle on each side. You can access anything essential super quickly via the front pocket (phone to take pictures, the smoother, baby’s teething toys, snacks and wet ones).

6 conseils essentiels pour profiter des évènements à grandes foules avec bébé

Must have number 3: The baby ear muff

When my son was younger, he used to wear the baby’s earmuff with the headband ( and right here; we tell you more about this travel must). I adored this type of earmuff as I was able to move the ear muff around the head band when my baby was resting on my chest. Surprisingly, at this age, he didn’t want to take them off. Around the time he turned 17 months old, he started using the earmuff with the rigid head band. Sincerely, at almost 2 years old now, he tends to want to take off his ear muff probably because of the compression force applied to his head. I also find that the noise of a match and the sounds engendered by the crowd do not seem as bad for an older child #MamasOpinion 😉 .

6 conseils essentiels pour profiter des évènements à grandes foules avec bébé

Must have number 4 and 5: The Munch Mitt and the pacifier holder

Important tip: NEVER GO IN A PUBLIC EVENT WITHOUT YOUR PACIFIER HOLDER (if your baby likes the pacifier of course;) ). It gets so complicated to deal with a pacifier that keeps on falling off everywhere. I’m telling you NEVER WITHOUT YOUR PACIFIER HOLDER. Even at 20 months old, my sons still like his pacifier and I respect that. When he’s tired it comfort him (and for me, it’s wine so we both respect that #Lol)!! The Munch Mitt really saved my life when my baby was teething. Plus, it hooks onto his hand, which makes it impossible for him to throw it away and to become dirty after 5 minutes of usage.

6 conseils essentiels pour profiter des évènements à grandes foules avec bébé

Must have number 6: Outfits adapted to the all-weather events

It always takes a survival kit: socks, short, pant, tuque, hat, coat, t-shirt, bodysuit and gloves. I NEVER LEAVE WITHOUT MY SURVIVAL KIT. No choice, you never know what mother nature has in store. Plus, it’s baby clothes so it doesn’t take much room.

Also, I ALWAYS have a poncho that I bought for 5$ at Ikea in my backpack. It folds onto itself into a small pouch attached to the poncho: SUPER USEFUL.


My next must have for all-weather events is the cheap and traditional poncho. Baby wearing clothes can sometimes be very expensive, this is why I am sharing with you my alternative to wear your baby while being comfortable, warm and while saving room in your backpack.

6 conseils essentiels pour profiter des évènements à grandes foules avec bébé

You put the poncho upside down on your baby, so the snaps are at the back, which protects your baby from the wind and the cold and allows your baby to be close to you. I also use this poncho as a blanket when I am breastfeeding in the stands.

And lastly …The stroller!

From time to time, there is absolutely nothing you can do when mother nature loses it. In those moments, you need a stroller and a plastic cover for the stroller to protect your baby from the rain. I lived through a crazy storm and that’s how we survived. I would normally not recommend using a stroller when it’s crowded, but on that day, I didn’t have any other option.

Let’s not forget that there is no bad weather, but only bad outfits. Rain or shine your child can follow you anywhere and enjoy those memorable moments. My son has attended about 30 matches since his very young age, he is now a champion of the stands!

6 conseils essentiels pour profiter des évènements à grandes foules avec bébé

My last but not least tip to enjoy a crowded event with your baby is to blend with your baby’s life pace. You have to bare with them, they are far from being in their comfort zone (and we know they love the comfort zone). Being at an event late at night or even for a long time takes your baby out of their comfort zone. And I realize today that’s probably how it should be. So be patient and evaluate the situation 1 hour at a time. 😉

Would you dare to dress up with all your gears to attend (and enjoy) crowded events with your child?

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