6 things new moms need to know about breastfeeding

No one ever told me that… Breastfeeding is difficult and painful at first.

At first, getting your baby to latch on properly is quite challenging. Once they know how to and that you’ve become more comfortable with breastfeeding, then it becomes easier. Oh man, the first 3 weeks hurt so much… You never think you will be able to make it to your 3-month goal mark, or even if you’ll make it to tomorrow! Keep going, it will soon be a thing of the past!

On the bright side

After 3 weeks, you become tougher and you even forget to apply your nipple cream! # lol

No one ever told me that… The transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding would be challenging.

We are trying to bottle feed my baby at night, to slowly get him used to it, but also so I can take breaks from time to time. Until now, it’s been working 1 time out of 2 and only when daddy’s feeding him with a bottle. When I try feeding him with a bottle, he doesn’t understand why I am not breastfeeding him instead. I thought the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding would be easier, but I can understand that plastic doesn’t replace mom’s warm and comforting body!

On the bright side

You’re irreplaceable, it’s quite an awesome feeling! 😉

No one ever told me that… I would spend entire days and nights breastfeeding my little one.

When my baby was having his growth spurts at 3, 6, 9 days/ weeks/ months I was so busy breastfeeding him that I couldn’t even find time to go pee… Or empty the dishwasher, which would stress me so much as I felt I didn’t have time to achieve anything. On those days, we feel pretty useless.

On the bright side

It only lasts a day or two and then you forget about it. It’s crazy to think that we’re feeding a human being with our own body!

No one ever told me that… I would wake up at night every 2-3 hours to breastfeed.

I didn’t know that maternal milk was easier to digest than store-bought milk. My friends, aunts or other used to tell me that their baby would sleep 6 hours straight every night, almost from birth. It wasn’t my case.

On the bright side

I never had to prepare the formula and to warm up the milk. My baby usually wakes up twice a night, I breastfeed him for 15 minutes and everyone goes back to sleep. As a result, I get more time solo with my baby while everyone else is asleep. I keep precious memories of those nights.

No one ever told me that… I would breastfeed my baby in weird places.

When your baby is hungry, you’ve got to feed them!! I breastfed in parking lots, in car washes, in a takeout lineup #haha (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving), in a waiting room or even at the grocery store…

On the bright side

As I was able to breastfeed everywhere, I got away from a couple tantrums! 🙂

No one ever told me that… I would stain a couple of my tops. #Lol

When you’re breastfeeding on one side, it’s pretty rare the other side isn’t leaking. Well, no one told me about that… As maternal milk is a very rich liquid, it doesn’t always go away when washed. I stained a couple of my tops!

On the bright side

Lots of milk to feed baby ?

My goal was to breastfeed my baby until he turns 3 months old, but I see so many pros to keep on breastfeeding him, that I will probably breastfeed him until he turns 6 months old. After all, I feel it’s simpler for me. I don’t need any tools, or to sterilize the bottles. I don’t have to deal with prepping the formula or warming it up at the perfect temperature. No need to go down to the kitchen at night…. You see what I mean!

As we love traveling, I find breastfeeding makes everything easier. And I must admit it takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. I know that wherever we go traveling, I will always have milk available for him and with no risk of contamination! Plus, more room in our luggage :).

Sometimes, I breastfeed my baby for a few minutes, then all of a sudden, he unlatches… To look at me with passion, eyes in the eyes and to smile at me. It’s such a magical moment, a special connection between him and me.

I know that my journey through breastfeeding my baby was pretty easy compared to other moms. This post has more of a humoristic tone to it. I adore breastfeeding my baby and know how lucky I am to do so.

How did your breastfeeding journey go?

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