5 freezer friendly recipe ideas for your friend who just had a baby

Everyone around me is having a baby! It began with my sister, then two of my best friends, then my boyfriend’s friend, then another one of my friends and so it goes… Plus, it’s just the beginning!

Knowing that you can support your friend by giving them a hand during this tough time in their life, is the best feeling. I want them to share their happiness with me and tell them that even though we don’t see each other as much as we used to that I am still there for them. My favorite way to tell people I love them is by cooking them great meals! As you may have suspected! 😉

Unless your friend has a massive family that keeps on bringing her homemade dishes, they will appreciate finding your meal in the freezer with a note saying, “Thinking of you!”. They will adore the gesture. Nothing says “I love you” more than comfort food! I may sound like your aunt, but we all know it’s true! #haha

Honestly, your friend will appreciate the gesture even if it only happens a couple times. And it gives you an excuse to drop by to visit the new baby! Bonus: you can double the recipes and fill up your freezer too!

To help you with this very important task, here are 5 recipe ideas for you to prep in large batches and to freeze for your soon to be mom friend!

This is such a comfort food recipe! It’s easy to prepare and freeze! This recipe even integrates white beans, which will fill up the new parents for hours on end! They for sure won’t be hungry until the next meal!

Super easy to prepare, healthy and comforting! What else are you asking for? Your friends will enjoy this warm salad! You can serve it as is, or with a side of quinoa as a healthy salad bowl!

Easy to prepare, vegan and super filling! It tastes just like your grandma’s meat pie, but totally vegan!

A very tasty and easy to prepare Mexican soup. This soup is so tasty, once your friends try it, they might be asking for more!

Delightful muffins served for breakfast or as a snack

Just like Léa and Sacha, I am a big fan of muffins! Whether I eat them for breakfast, as a snack or even as a desert, with a touch of melted chocolate, I am always satisfied! If you’re looking for a super comforting muffin recipe, I suggest these vegan pumpkin muffins or these oatmeal, carrot, cinnamon, walnut, coconut, and apple healthy muffins. Your friend will enjoy them at any time of the day… or night! 😉

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