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As you might already know, I’m a big fan of reading. In fact, I read every single night before going to bed; that’s what allows me to wind down while enjoying the present moment. You know, just to put my phone and all the other distractions aside.

The first thing that I bought, a few days after getting a positive pregnancy test result, was a book about pregnancy! Since then, I have bought many others on my own and also received one with the blog. Of all the books I have read, here are the ones that stood out as my favourites.


Hello Miss Google! No kidding! The minute I learned that I was pregnant, I started googling all of my symptoms. I was hesitating a bit concerning what I could eat, which medications I could take, etc. After doing so much research on “the Internet,” I ended up feeling a bit lost with the tons of information based on nothing. Because let’s be honest, we end up a bit too often on forums that don’t give you any answers, but that gives you the personal experience of such and such person. But where is the true answer in all of that?!

It’s during my trip to Japan that I decided to buy this book online. I had dreamed for many years of visiting that country and eating sushi there. BUT… I could never find a real answer about raw fish or large-scale studies that could help me make a decision. I found the answers to all of my questions in that book. Answers based on actual research, exactly what I was looking for.

Emily, the writer, is, in fact, a former economist who, like me, had been looking for concrete answers without ever finding any. So, she wrote this book that answers the most common questions concerning pregnancy. She demystifies myths and helps you to make an informed choice with the help of true facts. This book has since become my bible of answers, and I have even stopped researching “the Internet”! It’s the perfect book to offer to your best friend when she finds out that she’s pregnant!


My bible in terms of pregnancy! I would even say more in terms of childbirth. This book talks about so many different things, and it’s done with the intention of bringing a general positiveness to childbirth, the pregnancy and all the steps that will lead you toward meeting your baby. As you might already know, I’m doing my pregnancy follow-up with a midwife, and I feel like this book is really in sync with my thoughts at the moment, because I would really like to have a natural delivery.

This book lays out all the options to help you make an informed choice. It deals with many aspects of the pregnancy and everything that goes with it. It talks about home birth (in case that’s something that interests you), but also about hospital birth, but with a more natural approach (with a midwife, etc.). It talks about the risks of childbirth and what might happen, all that with the purpose of preparing you in a positive way to the delivery. It even includes some detailed descriptions to help you write your birth plan. Do you want the cord to be cut right after the delivery; when do you want to wash your baby; if you have a cesarean, do you want your baby to be swabbed with your vaginal bacteria, etc. A book to get as soon as you have a nice little ++!


This one is a pretty light reading that I recommend if you don’t intend to use a pregnancy tracker app. Throughout the weeks and the anecdotes, you will learn more about your slowly growing baby while helping you wait patiently.


Here is a book that will help you deal better with the after-pregnancy! The author compares the differences between French and American families and their respective ways of raising their children. It’s written in the form of a story, but also explains things that people do right and that makes life easier for parents. Throughout the chapters, many tricks are given to help you set your child’s sleeping routine, feed them in a way that they stay at the table dinner for as long as possible, deal with their behaviour and even more — a really nice gift to offer for a friend’s baby shower or to yourself.


This is the kind of book you need to buy, even before starting to think about making a baby. It explains everything about the creation of a little being but in a funnier and lighter way.

It talks about everything: the conception and birth of the child, the psychology of dads, the stages of pregnancy, the evolution of the mom’s body and even more. A beautiful book to offer to yourself when you start thinking about growing your family.


Even if it had been a few months since my boyfriend and I had been trying to make a baby, when we learned the big news, I felt the stress rise in him. Not because he wasn’t ready for a baby, but because he has no idea what to expect.

So, while I was buying millions of books on pregnancy for myself, I bought him this one.

It’s a book written by a dad, to help other dads understand each stage of the pregnancy. For example, he explains to the dads how the future mom feels during the first trimester, why she feels that way and how to help her get through each stage. The kind of book that you want your boyfriend to read after you’ve told him the good news. It’s really going to help you go through your pregnancy and help him better understand what’s happening inside your body.

I know this might seem like a pretty long list of readings, but know that in less than 10 weeks, I managed to go through all of these books by reading just 15 minutes every day before going to bed.

Instructive books that I recommend to parents-to-be!

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