5 tips for a well-balanced work and family life

Written by Sabrina Brousseau-Arsenault, mama, self-employed at SBA Comptabilit and La Germaine

It’s finally summer time. The schools are officially closed which means you, the parents, are totally in charge. You now have to find the perfect balance between work life and family life. If you’re self-employed, you know what I’m talking about.  There is no magic formula to make it happen. Being self-employed, myself, with two toddlers and one on the way, I totally understand what you’re going through.

The key to success is to create a to-do-list, to follow your daily agenda and to make plans, basically being super organized.

I am giving you my best tips to live a well-balanced work and family life.


Personally, I usually get up an hour before my children, around 5 or 5h30 am. This hour allows me to do admin work for my company. Which gives me more than enough time to plan my social media post, create a priority list for the next couple days, etc. It’s important to stay focused on the task that needs to be achieved during that brief hour. And if that helps, most of the company run at a slower pace during summer time, you’re not alone!


This doesn’t mean to plan a whole week of meals in one day, but having a clear idea of what you will be cooking during that week, will help you save some time. Create your grocery shopping list in that sense as well. You will be more efficient and your wallet will thank you. I personally plan and prep all my meals for the upcoming week during the weekend. I also find it important to include my children in the process and they love it.


This is the best tip I can give you. Not only they will be so proud of helping you with your company, but it will teach them the core values. You can also involve them with the chores, the meal planning, the meal prep, etc. If your children are still young, they will be happy to help you in their own way. It could be as simple as crafting or learning numbers while you work, etc. What matters is you give them the feeling they are involved in your work and that they are helping you. If you have a young baby, getting a baby carrier will save your life. Always make sure to keep a special moment for your family every day.


From time to time, find a person in your entourage that would be willing to take care of your children for a couple hours. This will allow you to be productive at work or to relax or even to enjoy time with your partner, etc. This precious time can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. You’re not Wonder Woman, nobody is asking you to be. Feel free to delegate a part of your chores for home or for the office to someone you trust. Delegating is the way to go! 🙂


If your counter top is filled with dirty dishes, seriously… Congrats! Working, taking care of your children, taking care of your relationship, seeing friends from time to time, but still having a social life, relaxing and being a super mom makes for a Guinness record. Sincerely, if you manage to do it all, hurry up I want to hear all your tips! 😉

I hope these tips will help you put things in perspective!

Don’t hesitate to share your tips and tricks to live a well-balanced work and family life during summer time!

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