Hey Breastfeeding Moms! Do you have your own Breast Milk Jewelry?

Yes! Breastfeeding Moms, this question is for you! Do you have your own breast milk jewelry?

What? You think it’s a joke?

If you didn’t know, now you know! It is possible to own a jewelry created by a professional of the industry and made with your breast milk.

Karine from Joie En Rose creates beautiful jewelry (and even more). The owner of this fabulous company has been perfecting her art for many years now and creates many dozens of breast milk jewelry every week.

It’s pretty amazing!


As a breastfeeding mom, you can now keep a tangible souvenir of your breastfeeding journey FOREVER. A real souvenir, that you can hold on to, that means a lot to you and of high quality. It will forever remind you of all those delicate and precious moments, but also of all the sacrifices you made when breastfeeding your little one.

Dear, for all the sleepless night you had while breastfeeding, for the 1563727388 times you breastfed, for all the time you had cracked or sore nipples, for all the lactation problems you had, for all the breastfeeding pads you wore #Lol, or simply for making it through learning how to breastfeed your little one. YOU DESERVE IT.

As a souvenir of their little hand lying over your heart, for the first smiles your baby gave you, for their little mouth latched onto your breast, for all those gentle moments, those moments shared with your little baby there in your arms… You deserve it!

Well, that’s what I thought when purchasing my own. Yes, “my own breast milk jewelry” !! I couldn’t help myself but get 2… Or I thought I had too many good reasons, I will tell you more, later. 😉


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I personally felt I deserved a precious breast milk jewelry as a souvenir of all those precious moments I had with my baby and that I won’t ever get back. The good moments, just like the not so good moments, but they all deserved to be remembered and for all the self-sacrifices I made whilst breastfeeding. Most of all, it was a way of rewarding myself.

It’s a priceless gift I’m giving myself, but also a gift I could hand down to them, to my little boys, when they will be older and that I will be very very old.

As I know, when I made the choice of breastfeeding them, that I wanted to give them the best of myself, mostly at the moment when they needed me the most.

Plus, Karine from La Joie En Rose fully guarantees her breast milk jewelry. Unlike when you purchase a DIY kit to create your own breast milk jewelry. Too often, when using a DIY kit, your breast milk jewelry tarnishes after a couple of months. Let’s be honest, none of us are true jewelers, I don’t think we should be using a DIY kit to create such a precious jewelry to the risk of ending up with a messy breast milk jewelry.

In my case, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity (to purchase my own breast milk jewelry, as I won’t be breastfeeding anymore). I took this opportunity and offered myself a beautiful breast milk jewelry, plus I choose the best out there, Karine from La Joie En Rose.


I love that she offers many styles of jewelry at different prices to fit your needs. She offers rose gold jewelry, sterling silver, white gold, gold or even stainless steel. There are many styles to choose from whether you would like a pendant, a ring, earrings or simply a pearl to add to your own necklace or bracelet. If ever you can’t find the perfect style, she can also create a unique jewelry for you. You can also customize your breast milk jewelry by adding a lock of your baby’s hair. She truly offers a unique service to her customers!

This unique souvenir of my breastfeeding journey created by La Joie En Rose was worth every penny. ?

She also has her own collection of T-shirts, of baby one piece and of accessories (cups, bags and etc). A fun collection under the theme of breastfeeding.

La Joie En Rose was founded by Karine Lajoie, a woman from Quebec. She is a true inspiration and a person I look up to.

If you wish to purchase your own breast milk jewelry, have a look at La Joie En Rose’s unique collection!

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