Childbirth; what to pack in your hospital bag

A couple days from now I will be giving birth to my second child in less than 2 years. I’m currently preparing my list of things to pack in my suitcase for the D day. When giving birth for the first time, you’re always looking out for what you should pack in your hospital bag and what will be useful.

We even do some research on Google, to see if the perfect list does exist. With what we find here and there, we take notes hoping these items will be useful. I must say I googled quite a bit. You probably did the same thing, mostly if you’re giving birth for the first time.

Looking back on my first delivery at the hospital, I realized I brought way too many things in my suitcase. Even though I had a wide range of items, there were a few things I wished I had brought with me, and that nobody warned me about…

… Because some things can be very intimidating to recommend. Or if they did recommend me some things, their explanation was really short, so I didn’t bother packing it..

There are also items my friends gently whispered in my ears. Items that I packed and that I would have recommended to my sister when her day comes.

Now that I have a blog, I can share with you the perfect list of items to pack in your hospital bag for your delivery day. There will be no secret. I will also tell you why they will be useful to you. This way you won’t discard items because you can’t understand the purpose of it. You know what I mean! 😉

Here is a list of the things to pack, when giving birth at the hospital and why you should bring them:

You will use them to shower at the hospital. The showers are usually clean, but it still stays a public shower… 😉

Dry shampoo
You won’t be at home in your personal bathroom, so you probably won’t feel like spending hours in the shower. All you will want to do is spend time with your baby. The dry shampoo will make you feel “fresh”, no matter if you’re fresh for real or not! 😉

To walk around the hospital. Because you want to feel comfortable, mostly if you have a longer stay. Also, walking in your socks around the hospital or even having to put your shoes on each time you get out of the bed, is not cool.

Adult diapers (like 4-5)
Yeah! You just read that; adult diapers. The one for incontinence. To wear for the first two days following the delivery. This will keep your fluids where they need to be and not all over your clothes. But mostly because you don’t want to have to deal with the overflow. It will flow… like a lot of blood and you will have way better things to do than to make sure you’re not staining your pajama, your joggers, your blankets and your bed. (If you haven’t given birth yet, please don’t judge, soon you will understand – it’s a must.)

Menstrual pads
Use the one for the heavy flow, that you can easily stick to the bottom of your diaper #SorryNotSorry #RealLife. This way you will be able to keep your diaper all day and change the pad when needed… If there is no overflow. #Peace

If you feel like being #DiaperFree #lolzz during your stays at the hospital, or if you feel like being glamorous when leaving the hospital, you will have these on hand ;)!

Quoi VRAIMENT apporter dans ta valise pour l’hôpital quand tu vas accoucher

1 roll of toilet paper
The hospitals’ toilet paper is thin, nonabsorbent, breaks too easily and is very rough. After giving birth, there is a certain area of your body that will need softness and delicacy, that one in particular. So treat yourself with a luxurious roll of toilet paper. #Ouch

Phone charger (and cell phone)
To take a billion pictures, but also to listen to your music. And why not to read your favorite blog in between two feedings. #SparksAndBloom 😉

Cozy and oversized outfits
For about 3 days ( tights, joggers, basic T-shirt, sweaters).

3 pajamas
For about 3 nights.

House coat
To be ready for the nurse’s check up at any time. Also, if you are breastfeeding, the bobbies will be easy to access.

Traveling case
Tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, soap, deodorant, etc. The classic!

Hair ties

Reusable water bottle
To drink water or any other drink, anytime you want. Mostly because the hospital’s glass is usually small and not useful for clumsy people like me. If you are breastfeeding, you will understand what it’s to be thirsty. So their little Smurf glass…

Snackssss (with lots of S)
Oatmeal bars, nuts, dry fruits, etc. Because, at the hospital, they only serve you the main meal, so when you’re feeling hungry in between two meals, you need to figure it out by yourself. Plus, it won’t be long until you have enough of the vending machines’ snacks.

Ear plugs
If you are unable to get a private bedroom, you will be sharing your room with another mama (and her baby, her boyfriend, and her family that comes to visit). Well, I guess you understand what I mean, there will be a lot of people in that room. Also, don’t forget that her baby will be crying as well at night and it’s also possible that her guests come for a visit while you’re having an afternoon nap #YouKnow…

Sports bras
A very light support sports bra, the kind you would use to practice yoga. Basically, you have to be as comfortable as possible during this adventure at the hospital, which will probably be more similar to a camping adventure than a 5-star hotel adventure!

Have a good delivery! xx

What else would you add on to your list as a MUST to pack in your hospital bag?

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