Baby earmuff; a must to travel with baby

We went to New York, back in August, with our baby and some friends. Knowing we would be going on a long trip to Italy with baby T. We wanted to experience a short trip to New York, just so we knew what we would be getting into. As basic as knowing how many diapers we would need to survive for a week, we wanted to be aware of every tiny detail so we could enjoy a one month long trip #parentsfirstproblem.

It turned out to be very useful. On that trip, we found out that Téo was having a really hard time with whiny sounds coming from the subway or the public transport. It would also be difficult at night when baby should be going to bed, but that we were enjoying our time at the restaurant. He could have been long gone, sleeping in his stroller, but the heavy noise wouldn’t allow him to find sleep.

So, we bought a pair of the baby earmuff Em’s 4 bubs. We were hoping it would be the solution for him to find sleep in very noisy places or just to help him feel safe during the whiny subway ride.

Baby Téo with his earmuff!

Let me tell you that this product was up to our expectations. It fulfilled its mission completely, whether we were in the plane, the subway or at the restaurant.

For those of you who don’t know this product, it was made to protect the baby’s ear from the heavy noise. It has an adjustable band, to fit all size baby head, from the birth up to 18 months. They even are the first hearing protection earmuffs of the world that are specifically designed for the babies. #ApprovedByMama

What is your must have to travel with a young baby? What are your tips to go out late at night, while traveling with a baby? #ParentsYolo

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