Learning to love yourself after giving birth: a letter to myself

Written by Nadia Couture

The day I became a mom, I learned how to love myself and how to see me for who I am. I learned to know myself better and how to accept who I am as a person. It happens really often that I don’t have any time to get ready, to put on some makeup or to brush my hair. Through the months, I have got used to going out like this and to appreciate my beauty… But it hasn’t always been that way and from time to time it gets pretty hard on your self-esteem.

Since being a mom, dressing up makes me feel beautiful, and I try to avoid spending my day wearing a pyjama!


When I gave birth to my baby, I was feeling down and the moment I started getting dress up and taking off my pyjama at home, I began feeling better!

Now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m proud to see who I have become. As a mom, you often come last, so feeling good with myself, with or without makeup (because I don’t always have time anymore), has been something I have long worked for and that comes much easier today.


My body and mind has changed during the past 9 months. From hormonal to physical changes, I must admit that it was difficult at first. My body has changed, I may have more stretch marks than I used to, but after all it was worth it. It’s such a beautiful season of life.

Respecting your body that gave life 1,2,3,4 times or more, is a remarkable thing.

What you just did is the most beautiful thing your body could ever do. So being ok with your new curves or new little scars, I think it’s the best you can do, it shows respect for what you did.

Just look at your children and you won’t even remember it.


In the past 9 months, I have learned to love myself in another way and for who I am… because after all, I am a mom and I gave birth to this perfect little human.

As before being a mom, I was a woman and even though I had a change of role, I will never forget the person that I am— slowly learning to be naturally beautiful.

This post was translated from French to English by:

Charlène Bessenay
I am Charlene. I was born in France but I live in Quebec City since 2007. I am a 32-year-old married mom of 2 (a boy and a girl), a part-time student (translation) and also a hockey mom 😉 I decided to go to university at 31 because I love foreign languages and I needed a new challenge. I love food and wine (I’m French you remember 😉 ), I have a very long travel bucket list and I practice Zumba and Yoga.

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