What if this is my last baby?

You might have seen that Ély just turned 1 year old! If you didn’t get the chance to read it, here is his birth story.

Knowing that he just turned one, I can’t help myself but reflect on if he will be my last baby. What if Ély was my last baby?

Was it that last time that I was going to give birth to such a cute little bundle of joy?

Was it the last time that I was breastfeeding my baby?

Was it the last time that I was going to feel this soft newborn skin against mine and that I was going to take care of such a teeny tiny human being?

I am bawling my eyes out while writing those lines. Hahaha #momlife


I really don’t know if he will be our last baby. It hasn’t been easy sleeping at night with Téo and baby Ély. I know it’s normal for babies to not sleep at night, but as we decided to have 2 babies really close in age together, that we have been extra busy with our careers and our passions I must admit that we are getting really tired to never get a good night of sleep.

As many new parents say… we are taking a break.

A break to rediscover who we are, to sleep at night, but also to spend precious time together with my partner. We never “lost” one another, but still every day, we have less and less time to be together as we have 2 little ones.

We want to spend quality time together, just the two of us… and it’s not that easy #lol. By taking a break from having another baby, it will give us time to be together, as a family and we might conclude that our family is complete as it is.

It really breaks my heart knowing that he is my last baby.

I allow myself to think that way as I prefer having a smaller and a more balanced family than having a larger family that would make us lose our minds.


I know that we are far from being the only one to have to make such a hard decision.

With Ély who just turned one year old, I can’t stop thinking about it. He could be my last little baby and that breaks my heart.

How did you make such a hard decision? Or was it easy for you? Are you still thinking about it?

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