Choosing the right bib for your baby!

I found myself raging too many times after cleaning a single use baby bib. Particularly those I purchased months ago, without knowing…

Knowing what? Knowing that the perfect baby bib does exists. Yes! I am telling you, we shouldn’t have to throw them in the laundry bin after a single usage!

Baby Téo and his bib!

Here is a little ABC check, to help you buy the perfect baby bib.

A- #1 rule, buy a bib made of plastic, acrylic or any other water repellant fabric. A simple and quick hand cleaning under running water will be more than enough to rinse off the bib. Plus, it dries super quick which means it will be ready to use for the next meal.

B- You must pick a long sleeve bib. Make sure the length of the bib covers your baby’s hips. This way you will make sure to cover almost everything that can be damaged and his clothes will stay clean.

C- When you look for your next bib, make sure the long sleeves have an elastic hem. Also, it must be easy to adjust at the neck, making sure the food won’t slide in between the bib and their clothes.

The right bib!

D- Check for a bib with easy laundry steps, nothing too complicated, machine wash and tumble dry makes for the easiest care. Cause who still has time to hang to dry? Not even my fancy panty get the special treatment anymore! #MomLife

E- Finally, check for a bib with a built-in lower pocket, where the food can be recycled. This way it makes for an easier clean up.

Et voilà! You have all the tools to buy the perfect bibs and save you time! 😉

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