I did not enjoy being pregnant!

The other day, I was on a mom’s group on Facebook, and one post really caught my attention. To the point of remembering my last pregnancy a little too clearly.

I admit it. I didn’t enjoy being pregnant.

Still, it’s ironic when you think about it because I couldn’t wait to be pregnant and carry my rainbow baby.

The result is definitely worth it, but they were not my happiest times when I look back on it.

Sure, the little kicks and hiccups were so much fun, but everything else, not so much.

It didn’t feel like I wanted anything. I was unable to even look at food, let alone think about eating it. Phew!

Then came around the 2nd trimester. I felt this surge of energy that gave me a new sense of life. It was only a matter of time before it all fell apart again, and sleeplessness kicked in along with all of my new body aches.

And it was while reading the post on the mom group that I made those connections.

I really dread the moment of getting pregnant again with baby # 2 (someday). I don’t even want to think about it, to be honest…


Deep inside me, I know that I dread this moment because I don’t want to relive another 9 months, now in addition with my son. To lose 9 months of “very happy time” with him, to the detriment of pregnancy symptoms which will take up all the space.

A bit like a dark cloud on a beautiful sunny day… that lasts 9 months.

Just like that one time I went on the best trip of my life; Japan. At that time, I was 9 weeks pregnant, and for the next year or so, I wasn’t able to look at a single picture from that trip. Or even talk about it. All I remembered was the pregnancy symptoms I was experiencing at the time.

What I take away from that trip are my aches, pathetic, I know! I am a huge foodie in real life, but I was only able to consume the ramen broth and the thought of eating the handmade ramens was giving me nausea. CRAZY! I still have a terrible souvenir of this trip because of all my pregnancy symptoms, yet it was most wonderful.


Also, I didn’t like being pregnant because it felt like I didn’t belong in my body anymore.

I was uncomfortable.

I no longer felt like myself mentally and physically.

I slept badly.

I had nausea for 12 weeks.

I was afraid every day of losing my baby.

I hoped every time I went to the bathroom that everything was going to be okay.

I couldn’t brush my teeth without coughing up a litre of blood from my gums.

I was tired and exhausted full time.

And I surely forget a few!

Anyway, I didn’t enjoy being pregnant, but I love my new life as a mama.

It goes without saying that these 40 weeks of hardship are undoubtedly worth it – but they are not easy!

Did you enjoy being pregnant?

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