Bumpdate; a second trimester with lots of energy and (very) weird symptoms!

It’s often said that the second trimester is the best of the three… And they’re right. During this second trimester, I felt so good compared to the first one; I had energy… but also a lot of weird symptoms I’ll tell you about below.

I was so full of energy that we took the opportunity to move into the house, install hardwood floor, mouldings, redo the stairs from A to Z, destroy the kitchen and almost rebuilt it. For the complete kitchen renovation, it’ll have to wait to the third trimester. And when I say “we”, it’s almost only me ( and help from family members), as my boyfriend broke his knee and so lots of it fell on my shoulders, the shoulders of a pregnant woman. That’s to tell you how much energy I had.

I didn’t stop.

Then there were also more or less harmless symptoms that appeared during this trimester.


Picture George St-Pierre after a fight with a bull! Blood, lots of blood, several times a day. The weirdest thing is that it would happen at any time; when kissing my husband goodbye, when eating a sandwich, when walking and also when flossing.

It would happen at the most random times, and on some days, several times a day. I told my midwife about it. She told me there was not much to do, and it was due to my high levels of hormones.  So, I stuffed my mouth with super absorbent napkins and went on with my life, hoping it would stop.


What a sweet nocturnal awakening! Even after drinking lots of water and after taking my magnesium supplements. However, it smoothed down when I started to wear compression socks during the day (yep haha! I’m telling you all about this chapter here), as if the blood circulation was levelling and improving.


They worsened with the second trimester, and it has now spread to all my back. But I think it’s also a bit of my fault, with all my grandiose ideas for renovations! ?


Seriously, these are minor boo-boos that can be treated successfully from home, and I’m extremely grateful for this pregnancy. Baby is doing great, he/she moves a lot since early on, as soon as I hit 18-week. It’s very reassuring to know that they are moving in there and what’s even better is that it doesn’t wake me up at night yet.

I also did the test for diabetes during pregnancy, which turned out to be average, so everything is fine there too.

I’m beginning to feel more and more front heavy. It’s a strange feeling! Sometimes, I find myself walking strangely without realizing it. And getting out of my big king size bed has also become a bit challenging, like a whale trying to get out to the shore… Can you picture it?!

We are enjoying every minute we have left before the baby comes to finish all the projects we’ve started in the house. Stay warm baby, we’re far from being done! ? *

*Please, make sure to have me read this last sentence at 42 weeks pregnant – I probably won’t find it funny that I suggested to my baby to stay in there! 😀

And you, did you have any weird symptoms during the second trimester?

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