12 fun facts you didn’t know before breastfeeding

Through the days, I have made many funny discoveries about breastfeeding. Some were more surprising than others and some were quite uncomfortable to live.

Here are 12 fun facts you didn’t know before breastfeeding.

I never thought;

  • I would be this thirsty in my entire life. Like an INTENSE thirst. Almost as if I haven’t had a drink in 3 days. So, thirsty… that my eyes would dry out. REALLY. This is exactly how I felt the whole time I was breastfeeding Téo. From one minute to the other I felt so thirsty that my eyes would instantly dry out. I felt as if my whole body was drying out, the more I was breastfeeding my baby. Am I the only one?
  • I would end up with crying leaking breasts when hearing my baby waking up in the morning or as soon as you see them for the first time that day. #EmotionalBreasts
  • I would know exactly when my baby needs to be fed even before they make a sound and even when we’re not in the same room. #WellDone
  • I would be milking. Yep milking just like you would milk a cow, just so I can be an adult and go out without my kids ;).  #Lolzy
  • I would freeze human milk (my milk) in my freezer. Yep! I have a frozen Ziploc bag full of my milk sitting right in between the steaks and the ice cubes. #lol
  • I would show off my boobs to everybody everywhere I went before becoming a mom. #OnABoatInCapri #WithMyInLaws #OnABus #PatioInNY #InVenise #Museum
  • I would go out to a restaurant and enter with a C cup and leave with a DD cup. #FML
  • I would feel so emotional to smell my baby’s breath after they got fed. Hahaha, I can’t believe I am writing this. #ForReal
  • I would have to wear pants liners for NIPPLES. Yes, for NIP-PLES. When you’re breastfeeding your baby, your breasts can leak at any time. Ya know, having 2 wet spots on your shirt at the grocery store isn’t something you’re looking for. (I consider myself lucky, I didn’t have to wear too many nipple pads. But it still deserves its place in this top 12 fun facts. )
  • So many health professionals would see part or the totality of my breasts ( plus my friends/ family). #WorstOutfit #DoctorAppointment #LactaidConsultant
  • I would have such a hard time getting dressed every morning as I was always thinking “Is this shirt ok for breastfeeding?”
  • I would miss wearing nice sweaters and dresses. #HardToBreastfeed


That’s my top 12 fun facts you didn’t know before breastfeeding.

There is for sure other facts that could have made it to this list.

Now I want to know! Tell us what you didn’t know before breastfeeding?

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