When baby #2 makes you nervous about baby #1’s reaction

Knowing that baby#2 is due very quickly, I can’t help but be nervous about Téo’s reaction.

Let me explain. Téo is a very calm little boy, he loves his quiet time and spending time with his mama (well that’s how I see it). When baby #2 will arrive, Téo will only be 17 months old ( or 1 year and 5 months 😉 ). He is still very young to be a big brother.

It happened a couple times, that we had tried our best to comfort Téo, simply because there was a crying toddler close by.

As per example, if I am hanging out with a friend and her baby (about the same age). Téo can get upset very quickly and cry for hours if the other baby has more energy than him or that they overwhelm is little space.


The same thing would happen if there is a toddler around, that’s screaming of joy or crying out loud. Téo could start crying and there would be no way for me to make him go back to his normal state. He would be inconsolable. As if he was scared or even that he was touched by another baby’s feeling.

I keep on telling myself that every child is different. I always try to respect who he is, but it still scares me knowing that baby #2 is coming very soon.

Knowing that babies can cry, quite a bit. I am really wondering how Téo will react.

I know that we will need to adapt and that one day, it will all be ok.

But I don’t know if Téo will be able to adapt quickly to this brand-new baby.

Ouff… So many questions unanswered…

How did your first born react to baby #2 ?

I want to hear your story. Was it easy? Was it hard? I want to be mentally prepared for the worst, knowing that everything could also be just fine! 😉

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