My must-have pregnancy essentials

Would I say that survival is the best term to describe pregnancy? God, yes! Well, in my case! Haha!

I haven’t been feeling like myself during this pregnancy. I had (and I still have) some ups and downs. That’s without mentioning all the physical changes happening in my body.

Let’s talk about pregnancy problems! I had quite a few: nausea, back pain, swelling, any sitting position making me uncomfortable, and let’s not forget about heartburns.

Through the months, I’ve surrounded myself with essentials to survive this pregnancy. I know how lucky I am to have had a healthy pregnancy, and I’m far from wanting to complain about my boo-boos.

That said, being able to make your life more comfortable with a few items isn’t a luxury, but rather a duty to take care of yourself!

Thanks to these few essentials, I was able to elevate the quality of my survival pregnancy life… and that’s a lot! Haha! Let’s not waste any time; here are my must-have pregnancy essentials.


As soon as I entered the second trimester, I started feeling very uncomfortable.

First, it started with my shoes being a bit tighter than usual, my socks leaving big marks on my ankles, and then my fingers swelling a bit, enough to keep my rings caught in my fingers on some days …

I had often heard of compression socks for sport, but I never thought I would use them for my pregnancy swelling at my feet and calves.

Well, let me tell you that they’re a must-have when you’re pregnant.

(Pssst: and admit it, when we think of compression socks, we picture them transparent beige, not cute and a little shiny, like those we’ve seen our grandmothers wear so much. You know what I am talking about! 😉 )

So, I was very glad to learn that this time is now resolved and that compression socks can also be very fashionable.

I use Supporo’s new fashion compression socks (the most prescribed brand by physicians and the most recommended by pharmacists).

They offer compression socks that look “up to date” (so it’s hard to differentiate from regular socks, as they usually don’t look like that).

I especially love the pink polka dots ones, as I am a long-time pink fan #Guilty, and those made of merino wool that looks like the famously known wool socks, with the red stripes at the top.

I wear them mainly to relieve my heavy legs, but also because it helps prevent the onset of thrombosis and varicose veins.

A few minutes after putting them on, you already reap all the benefits; it’s hard not to wear them every day.

A must-have to carry me through my pregnancy, but also to help me keep my beautiful legs afterwards.

Supporo’s compression socks are available online as well as at Jean Coutu, Familiprix and Uniprix.


Hello back pain!

It started on week 6 of my pregnancy, and it’s still going strong since then!

First, it was mostly in the lower back, and then the pain got higher as the baby grew bigger.

I found an electric heated blanket for a few dollars online, and it has made miracles to help with lumbar fatigue, especially at the end of the day when I’m renovating the house. It’s great!


I take one almost every night after eating. I’m not kidding! It happens quietly, and then it burns in my stomach for the rest of the evening if I do nothing to help myself.

I’m buying those crunchy like candy!

If you’re like me, make sure to have some with you, because once you hit the second trimester, it’ll be like that every night. #Sorry


I didn’t have the heart to invest $100 and more for a “maternity” pillow…

I found that there are other specific items to help me get through my pregnancy, such as compression socks, that are more worth the investment.

I found a few extra pillows in the house that I put on each side of me and to be honest, I’m very comfortable that way. I can even move them individually to accommodate myself if I ever want to sleep on my back with a raised side.

And the best part is that I don’t clutter up my house or the dump in a few years with a pillow too big for the universe!


Alleluia! Literally, you’ll need some to survive pregnancy, but it’ll change your life. I’ve bought three pairs, and I couldn’t live without them.

This way, you can reuse several tops from your wardrobe, without worrying that they’ve shortened a little in length because of the belly expanding while being comfortable.


  •  Skincare oil or an excellent moisturizer for your belly (look especially for products specifically designed for pregnancy).
  • Stretch bras for your breast.
  • Prenatal multivitamins.
  • A big bottle of water to help you drink more water.

With all these items, you’ll be able to survive your pregnancy!

Don’t wait too long to get these items. Don’t be scared to jinx your pregnancy by buying maternity leggings and compression socks. It will just make your life easier!

The important thing is that you feel comfortable during these long weeks filled with ups and downs, as it’s not always easy.

Are there any other items that you consider essential during pregnancy?

** This article was sponsored by Supporo. However, all opinions are ours and are 100% authentic as a way to inspire each and every one in our day-to-day lives. The Sparks and Bloom sisters swear by this!

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