7 healthy recipes to make in 15 minutes or less

This butternut squash and lentil Mexican soup take less than 15 minutes to prep for! Once cooked, you get a very healthy and complete meal.

A quick and easy sauté filled with veggies and kale. Let us know if it’s now part of your weeknight recipe because here it is! 😉

I feel like sometimes all we need is a quick and uncomplicated dinner on the go! This recipe is perfect for that type of night. This beet, fine herb goat cheese and pecan crostini with a side of seasonal veggies and you’re all set for dinner!

Croutons de betteraves au fromage de chèvre, fines herbes et pacanes | Sparks and Bloom

A tasty couscous salad ready in only a couple minutes. Filled with healthy ingredients like cucumber, tomatoes, artichoke, basil and feta cheese. Everybody will love it!

Salade de couscous minute | Sparks and Bloom

This beet hummus recipe only takes 10 minutes to prep for and you won’t be left indifferent! It’s a tasty hummus recipe and the color will impress! 😀

A complete meal to cook for your little family or for your lunches on-the-go! This one-pot pasta made with vegetables and ground beef only takes 5 minutes to prep for! Then all you need to do it throw everything in that one pot and you’re done!  Dinner will be ready before you even know it!

This lemony hummus recipe is my must-have recipe for busy weeks, but also to eat healthy! It takes no time to prepare and the hummus is so tasty!

Hummus citronné
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