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Back in 2015, I got to attend Alexandre Champagne’s very first photo workshop. It’s been a little while since, but people around me keep asking me a ton of questions about my photography technic. I wanted to share the tricks that have helped me improve my skills in my favorite hobby.

Champagne’s workshop took place on the top floor of a small, very bright, somewhat industrial studio that served as a warehouse for storing Trois fois par jour’s dishes – a company that has become a Quebec favorite.?

I didn’t hesitate for a second after seeing the ad on Facebook. As someone who likes amateur photography so much, this was my chance to get even better at it. And… let’s say that I really wanted to meet Trois fois par jour’s co-founder. It’s no secret to anyone, I love everything about this company. Deep down, I was hoping Marilou would be there, serving us delicious little bites. Hahahaha! It would only happen in my wildest dreams…

In short, even if the course was given in Montreal and considering that I’m a little afraid to drive around the big city, I took my courage in both hands and………….. nope I didn’t. Hahaha!

I asked a friend to join me on my mini road trip. It’s so much more entertaining and relaxing when you don’t have to drive!


At the very beginning, the workshops were only given in Montreal, but due to the increasing demand, the workshops are now also given in Quebec City!

Which is perfect if you like to stay in the comfort of your little town.

The last dates are out for the end of April, but there will probably be more coming. You can keep an eye on everything on Champagne’s Facebook page: @alexandrechampagne .


Let’s start with the basic.

If you’re hoping to take a beautiful picture of your sleeping toddler on a spring evening without turning on 46,000 lights, forget about it! Don’t forget that the pictures are taken with a cell phone.

If you want good results, your original picture needs to be beautiful and well exposed while featuring the subject of your choice. If possible, make sure you have natural lighting that is already good; otherwise you can always improvise a homemade spotlight.

Choose the right angle, then, the right layout of the elements in your photo. Now it’s time to press on the button and become an improvised photographer behind your 2.0 camera.

After taking a good picture, you will be able to improve it a little bit with the help of super-simple applications, such as VSCO and SNAPSEED – which are my favorites.

I say “a little”because the goal is not to make your picture seem unrealistic, but to end up with one that represents what you see through your own eyes.

I also saw that Alexandre Champagne is a really friendly human being and that his workshops are given in simplicity, humor and in a language that everyone understands.

Besides, by attending Champagne’s workshop you’re going to leave with his new book which is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! Everything in it is well explained, with a little touch of his humor that makes it all quite friendly.

If you don’t have the chance to join one of his workshops, you can always get his famous book on the internet. It will tell you everything you need to know to start your new career behind the lens. #Hahaha


If you want to take beautiful pictures, you don’t need to buy THE camera of the year. Have fun with the scenery and the people around you, if they are willing of course. ?#Lolilolol

Make them laugh, talk to them, and then make them more comfortable. It will give you the best photos!

You can always snap a selfie too!

Say Cheeeeeze!

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