A few of our favorites – January

We really love trying new products, tasting new flavors and living new experiences. One thing we really like is to find out more about the company that creates these products or that offer those services.

Every month, Sacha and I will be sharing our thoughts about a few of our favorites.x



This soap made with honey and aloe Vera extract smell like heaven! I purchased it because it’s renowned for being very gentle on the skin. Which turned out to be very helpful with eczema on my hands.

Nos découvertes du moment – Janvier | Sparks and Bloom

This bakery and fine European pastry shop is located in Lac Beauport, right in front of the Relais. Honestly, I felt like tasting every single one of their products, from pastry to fine cheeses everything looked good. Plus, when sitting down you have a nice view of the mountain. It’s not the kind of place where you can order eggs benedict, but to drink a very good coffee while eating a delightful croque-monsieur and why not sharing a pain au chocolat on the side! Thanks for this precious time!

Nos découvertes du moment – Janvier | Sparks and Bloom

A very beautiful and customizable book to your child’s image to help them learn their own attribute (their eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, and etc.) Here, it’s now our favorite bedtime story.

Nos découvertes du moment – Janvier | Sparks and Bloom


I don’t know if you have ever noticed (through my recipes), but I love everything that’s lemony. So, when I saw that La Belle Excuse, a company that I already loved for their olive oil, sent us their lemon and white balsamic vinegar I was over the moon! Since then I put it on everything; in my green salads, in my pasta salads or even into my marinades. I even use it to create one of my favorite cookie recipes to this day, and it honestly tastes like heaven! (If you missed it; here is my recipe of the vegan cream-filled lemon cookies). My next challenge; create a lemon vinegar cocktail! #lol #BarealyExagerating

Nos découvertes du moment – Janvier | Sparks and Bloom


I have been very stressed lately and as a result, I had a couple of sleepless nights! To help me out, the boyfriend got me this calming essential oil spray. Since then, every night I spray some onto my pillow (and his) right before going to bed. I find it very calming and relaxing. Definitely one of my favorite bedtime routines. Thanks boyfriend!

Nos découvertes du moment – Janvier | Sparks and Bloom
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