5 drink recipes to Sparks and Bloom your life!

This raspberry and mint spritzer will for sure bright up your day! 😉

This tasty mango and peach lemonade is to die for! So yummy!

Limonade d'été aux pêches et à la mangue 

This super easy almond milk recipe is my go-to for morning lattes! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Lait d’amande crémeux

I adore this recipe of concentrated lemonade juice ice cubes. Why? Because you can make them ahead of time and use them in your sparkling water or flat water whenever you feel like having a refreshing drink!

This is the perfect recipe to pimp your almond milk! It totally transforms it into a super tasty chocolate and mint flavoured drink. It’s just like an afterthought chocolate, you’ve got to try it!!

Lait d’amande au chocolat à la menthe | Sparks and Bloom
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