4 easy and healthy vegan recipes

How about brightening up your week with these easy and healthy vegan recipes?! Click on the title to see the full recipe!

I’ve got to admit that this recipe of oven-baked falafel is my go-to for busy weeks. I usually bake them on Sunday and then freeze them. During the week, I use them in wraps, salads or even on a hot summer night as my hamburger patty!

This no meat pie recipe will make a couple people believe this is the real deal. How? It’s all about the spice and not the meat! You’ve got to try it! 🙂

A delightful tomato, spinach and asparagus pesto pasta dish. It takes no time to make, plus it’s a super healthy meal if you opt for quinoa pasta!

Pâtes super grains GoGo Quinoa au pesto d'asperges, tomates et épinards - Vegan| Sparks and Bloom
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