My little miraculous solution to get back in shape: the monthly box subscription Moi D’abord

Written by Marie pier Simard

It’s not that easy to get back in shape after labor. For the last two years, my body has changed so much. I’ve tried to stop it, but without success.

When speaking to women around me, I realized that I was not the only one who was going through the trouble of (re)fitness after childbirth. After going back to work, the routine goes into an accelerated mode and the little time we had for ourselves has vanished. Working out then falls into the “for later” category. Luckily, I have a little miracle solution helping me get back on track that I wanted to share it with you.


I had a revelation when I discovered the monthly box subscription Moi D’abord: a little box that is delivered at your place in the middle of the month. What does it contain? A beautiful exercise sheet that is simple, quick and effective, designed for all those who have an accelerated lifestyle and little time to work out.The training sessions are so accessible that they require no equipment other than what we have at home (e.g., a cloth, water bottles). The exercise sheet taking about 30 minutes to complete, it is easy to insert it into the morning routine or in the evening after the children’s bedtime!


In addition to the training sheet, the box contains 3 healthy snacks, a discovery product, and two recipe sheets often related to the discovery product. Most of these are foods that we have heard little or nothing about, so a great culinary discovery is to be expected every month. The foods in the box have always been chosen for their good taste, but also for their healthy ingredients. Tasty treats finally rhyme with pleasure! What’s great is that most products are available in grocery stores such as IGA and Métro. If you can’t find them there, the points of sale of the items offered in the box are on the Moi D’abord website.

Moi D’abord is definitely a favorite of mine. The exercises are good for mom and dad and the food is appreciated by the child as well as the parents!

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