How to find the perfect sports bra; finding the right fit and many more tips

I’ve been working for a long time in the lingerie industry and I am as well currently creating a new collection of sports bra for a Vancouver based company. Let’s say that I know quite a bit about the subject. I can then recommend you what bra you should be wearing depending on the type of sport you are practicing.

Many of my friends ask for my advice about what sports bras should women wear depending on the size of their breasts. I have been answering many questions such as: What type of sports bra is adequate for my chest size? Should I change my sports bra every day? Or even; I am unable to find the perfect fitted bra that will provide me with the support that I need! #WithADesperateTone

Here I come to the rescue of your beloved sisters #lol ! By the time you’re done reading this post you will know everything about sports bra, all the different types of support, but mostly what to look for when purchasing a sports bra. #movingcomfort

At first, it’s important to understand the purpose behind the creation or the launch of a new sports bra. Usually, we tend to create a new product to solve a problem, but also because we want to facilitate or even enhance a sport by creating this new product. As per example, it could be created for yoga, running, spinning, etc. There are a lot of thinking that goes on behind this complex garment to achieve the right degree of support and to match the intention of the bra. The higher the support is, the more complex is the sports bra, and probably so is the sport!


The light support bra is often used for low impact sports. We can think of yoga, walking or even lifting. It can be a very demanding activity that will make you sweat, but that will not be too demanding on your cardio or on your body’s rebound effect. Most of these light support sports bras look like a super cropped tank. The support can be found in the contour elastic band. Most of the time the shoulder straps are non-adjustable. It’s usually the perfect sports bra for a smaller chested woman. I know a lot of people that wear it on Sunday morning while lounging on their couch and enjoying a latté! It’s the pinnacle of comfort!


The medium support sports bra is one of the most used types of bra. Why? Because it is super versatile, and it provides the right amount of support for most of the sports (for 34D and below). It can be used for your everyday sports routine such as running, spinning class or even a medium intensity boot camp. The construction of this medium support bra is a little bit more complex than the previous one. You can find more support at the contour elastic band as well as the often adjustable and reinforced shoulder straps. Which means that when you put it on, your breasts feel supported while still maintaining a good level of comfort. #shockabsorber


The high support sports bra is usually the best friend of bigger chests like me. When you put it on you can clearly feel it, it’s not going anywhere. The construction of this high support bra requires a lot of attention to all the little details as it is what will make this product stand out. Most of the high support bra have an adjustable elastic contour band, adjustable and reinforced shoulder straps as well as being reinforced in the center front to really keep the girls in place. It’s the perfect sports bra for any high-intensity activity such as running, the Ironman, or even your series of jumping jacks because we all know it hurts to do jumping jacks without a good high support bra!Personally, this is my go-to sports bra because there is nothing I love more than knowing that my breasts are well supported and staying in place. #highimpact

Sacha, does the perfect sports bra exist?

YES!! Make sure to select the right sports bra to match the intensity of your sport. Don’t go for an 18-kilometer run with a light support sports bra. PLEASE. Make sure the girls are well supported. This obviously requires you owning different types of bra depending on the activity you’re planning on exercising that day.

How do I know if this sports bra is the right fit for me?

There are many ways to find out if a sports bra fits you well. At first, make sure the elastic contour band is tight and adjusted to your body. Tight enough to still feel comfortable. Make sure the cups cover your breasts properly so that your breasts are not running out of the bra nor are lost in the bra. Make sure that there is no excess of fat located under your armpits, this would mean that the bra cups are too small for you. If you are looking for the perfect fitted bra, look for a bra with an adjustable elastic contour band as well as shoulder straps. There are so many styles and colours on the market, I am convinced you will find the one!

Once I have found THE perfect sports bra, how long can I keep using it for?

That’s also a very important point. The more you wear your sports bra, the more it will grow and the less it will support you… That’s a major issue! To know if your sports bra is still in good shape, you will have to look at it closely. Make sure that the elastic band still has a lot of tension by pulling on it with both hands. Also, make sure no threads of Lycra are coming out of the elastic or of the shoulder straps. One thing to keep in mind is that if you use that sports bra 2 to 3 times a week, it’s probably no good after one year of usage. It’s time for a new one! You shouldn’t neglect the girls!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask I will gladly get back to you.

Good support for all and all for the girls! 😉 #lol

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