Treat yourself to the monthly subscription box Papier de soi !

I recently discovered Papier de soi’s beautiful stationery boxes and I adore them! It’s like the perfect box to treat yourself!

At first, I received the Japan stationery box, opening the box made me want to book a ticket to this dream destination. Japan is a country I can’t wait to visit! There were many origami items in the box such as a lantern, hidden words, or even jewelry made with origami. When opening the box, I couldn’t help myself but be amazed by every single item, just like a child on Christmas morning! #Nothingless Haha


(Léa) In my June monthly subscription box, I received a beautiful notepad, that I use every day to write down my to-do list. There were also many markers, pencils, and a great pencil case to store them all. There was also a non-permanent tattoo, that Téo made good use of! Haha!

I also had a DIY vow card, where I had to embroider an image using threads and a needle, which were included in the box. I also received a stunning vintage style pair of scissors, that I adore!


(Sacha) At the end of August, I received a very colourful and fruity monthly box. Everything in the box showcases fruits, whether it’s on cards, on a note pad, or even on a fabric pouch. Plus, you get 5 watercolor felts which are very fun to use and create great pictures.

What I love about Papier de soi’s monthly boxes is that she creates very colourful and unique boxes. Many of the products she uses are made in Quebec. When opening the box, you can feel how much efforts and thoughts Gaëlle, the founder of Papier de soi, puts into every box.

You can subscribe for one month, 6 months, one year, or simply buy a customized box in her boutique. It’s the perfect gift for the stationery lovers, but also for any of us as they are items we use every day!

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