A sister’s weekend at La Cache du Domaine in Thetford Mines

Hey Léa where are we? That’s how our weekend began at the luxury hotel of La Cache du Domaine. As you may know, there is a new spot in town, well in our hometown actually. Thetford mines is where Léa and I are from and we enjoy more than anything being a tourist in our beautiful hometown of Chaudières-Appalaches.

Léa and I were looking for a place to escape for a night, to spend time together, to relax, to discuss business, and to enjoy one another’s company. What we were mostly looking for was a moment to catch up on all the time lost while being apart from one another. And we did so much more than that at La Cache du Domaine in Thetford Mines!


Here we are back in Thetford Mines, where our feet first touch the ground and where we grew up as well. What’s better than spending a night in one of the best hotels in town; La Cache du Domaine!

La Cache du Domaine is located in Thetford Mines. This hotel perched on a hill, overlooking a beautiful lake is certainly one of Thetford Mines’s best gems. Its one of a kind lake was specially created to practice nautical sports. The shape of the lake, as well as the placement of the rocks, has been built to avoid the return of the waves when practicing wakeboard, wake surf or even water skiing. There is even a mini island at the center of the lake!

At our arrival, the tall windows of the hotel were reflecting the sunset. The water of the lake was of a dark blue colour ( super cool to see). As we visited the hotel during the fall season in Quebec, the trees were of a bright orange which is always so impressive to see!

The moment we step foot into the hotel, we felt so welcomed. Every little detail was thought through, from the bottle of sparkling wine waiting for us in the room, to the well-furnished balcony which was overlooking the lake and all the way to the pillow selections. Léa, how do you prefer your pillow? No need to ask the question, we had the choice!

Our expectations were met. The pure architectural lines of the room quickly made us felt like royalty. We liked the open space, the all-day-long natural light, as well as the sumptuous décor of the bathroom.

We had a great sister’s night, talking about everything and nothing, while wearing a face mask before finding sleep in the comfortable beds. #GirlsNight (Plus, it was Sacha’s surprise stagette the next! We did everything to wake up refreshed and ready for the day. 😉 )


As part of our stay at La Cache du Domaine, we treated ourselves to a 4-course meal at the Restaurant Le Greg, which is located on the main floor of the hotel. We enjoyed many dishes such as foie gras, beef tartare seasoned with Oka cheese, mushrooms and smoked paprika.

After eating the appetizers, we were more than satisfied with the Restaurant La Greg. Our main dishes were a 7oz Boston Steak and a duckbreast, which were both delightful.

We enjoyed the evening eating and sipping on a good bottle of wine, especially suggested by their in-house sommelier. We couldn’t have a sister dinner without sipping on wine as everyone know of much we love wine! #Frenchie They have a very detailed wine list of private import wines from around the world!

It’s hard to believe, but we also had dessert! We left the restaurant with a full stomach filled with delightful dishes delicately prepared and served during the evening. We strongly recommend the Restaurant Le Greg for its affordable menu, considering the quality and the attention to details of every dish.

Psst: We also recommend brunching at Restaurant Le Greg the next morning. It’s the perfect way to conclude your trip! You will like their tasty breakfast! 😉


If you’re in the mood for partying instead of treating yourself with a face mask #haha #WeAreOld , the pub Le Wake is where you need to go! We went for a quick visit when leaving the restaurant and we believe it’s the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail, or two, with your friends!


You can also enjoy a day at the spa which is located a couple of meters away from the hotel. The Noah spa is an all-new spa in town. Its exterior baths overlook the lake whilst its interior layout offers a unique spa concept. They offer a wide variety of body treatments, massages, as well as beauty treatments.

We were all meeting there to surprise Sacha for her stagette. We spent a good moment lounging in the baths before getting back to our itinerary of Thetford Mines’s most emblematic spots! 😉


La Cache du Domaine is the perfect place to enjoy a weekend far from the urban centers, whether you’re visiting the establishment with your lover, your friends or even your family, you will for sure enjoy! Located 1-hour drive from Quebec City and 2h30 drive from Montreal, visiting La Cache Du Domaine should be the next thing on your bucket list!

For more information about La Cache du Domaine: http://lacachedudomaine.com/

To find out more about what to do in Thetford Mines during your stay:




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