A few of our favorites – May

We really love trying new products, tasting new flavors and living new experiences. One thing we really like is to find out more about the company that creates these products or that offer those services.

Every month, Sacha and I will be sharing our thoughts about a few of our favorites.



The sun is finally here! #Yay It’s the perfect time to tell you more about our favorite sunscreen. In the past few months, we have been testing France Laure’s sunscreen. We have received many kinds of sunscreen such as RévoluSolaire30 and Révolusolaire50 that we tested during our trip to Cuba in February. Let me tell you that we only have good words to say about France Laure’s sunscreens. During our trip to Cuba, it was hot and sunny and from day one, France Laure’s sunscreen protected us from the sun. Neither one of us (or our boyfriends) had a sunburn during our trip! And we spent a lot of time under the sun rays, visiting cities, hiking paths or just lying down at the beach. If you get your hand on France Laure’s sunscreen you must get them, we highly recommend them!


Being a 90’s child, I have been addicted to scrunchies from a very young age. Let’s say that I own a couple. During a networking event in Vancouver, I have recently discovered BUNHEAD’s scrunchies. I like them, especially because they are larger than most of the scrunchies out there, but also because they hold my bun pretty well all day long #AMust !



We have had the chance to meet the lovely Claudia Martel-MacDonald, she is a mom, an entrepreneur and she is also a consultant for Young Living. She was kind enough to send us both a starting kit from Young Living to try out. This starting kit includes a beautiful diffuser and a dozen of essential oils. I really like making my own mix of essential oils depending on how I feel, plus my house smells good at the same time. The essential oils have many benefits for our body and our soul. I am still at the very early stage of using essential oils in my home, but if you wish to know more about Young Living’s essential oil or buy, it’s here ;)!


Recently, a friend of mine offered me 3 beautiful and delightful bags of Squish candies. At first, I was impressed because I didn’t know about the brand just yet. The colorful packaging just made me want to jump right in and devour the candies. Of all the 3 bags I tasted and enjoyed every bite of it, my favorite kind is the VEGAN YUZU MIMOSA. I was impressed by the texture of this candy and how tasty it was (and even my boyfriend couldn’t believe it)! As you can see, Squish offers a wide range of vegan candy, they even offer a large variety of GMO-free candy as well as candy made with real fruits. A beautiful Montreal based company to discover; Squish.

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