A few of our favorites – March

We really love trying new products, tasting new flavors and living new experiences. One thing we really like is to find out more about the company that creates these products or that offer those services.

Every month, Sacha and I will be sharing our thoughts about a few of our favorites.



Sacha recommended me those miraculous traceless elastics! For now on, that is all I have been using. I can tie up and untie my hair 1200 times per day and my hair will never be marked #momlife. As you can see, I own many styles and colours. That’s one of my favorite hair products in a long time, I definitely recommend owning a couple. (Psst gift-idea: I even gave some to a friend that just gave birth… you know with our babies’ tiny grabbing fingers they always tend to end up in our hair, but with these elastics, we can tie our hair at any time and they will be left unmarked… Well, those elastics are the real deal! #MomTips)

I have already mentioned this restaurant in one of our posts about baby friendly restaurant in Quebec City. I love this place. The restaurant is located on Maguire street in Quebec City. Their dinner menu is to die for, mostly the tapas and they have a great wine card. I went back again for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend and we both left amazed by how good or dinner was.


I am totally a fan of La Belle Excuse’s products. I know and use most of their olive oil, but I didn’t know about their Agorelio Bio oil product. Like Wow! Every time I eat it I feel like I have found one of the world’s most precious gems. Actually, that’s pretty much how they describe this oil;

“Made with Koroneïki olives harvested early, this certified organic extra-virgin olive oil has an exceptionally high polyphenol content, ensuring a strong concentration of natural antioxidants helping to prevent the formation of excess free radicals. Olive oil connoisseurs will be delighted by the sharp, robust aftertaste and the delightfully pungent aromas of grass, tomatoes and artichokes on the finish.”

Source et pour plus d’informations : https://www.labelleexcuse.com/produit/agorelio-bio/

You’ve got to admit that your body deserves nothing else but this precious oil!

You can find La Belle Excuse’s products in most of the grocery stores in Quebec, otherwise, you can order them online!



I have been looking into buying these for a while now to preserve my vegetables. But each time I can’t justify the purchase because I am always wondering if it works for real. Although one night, the boyfriend came back home with a full box of these reusable beeswax food wraps. I looked at him a little skeptical, asking him if this really works!?

I had to try it once and I was sold. It’s so easy to use and It keeps your veggies nice and fresh. All you need to do is wrap the beeswax paper around the vegetable and press slightly. The heat of your hands will help the beeswax paper to stick to one another. It’s magical!! Here we have the smaller size, but I will soon be purchasing other sizes, so we can take plastics wrapping paper out of our lives!


I always try to use more and more natural products. I personally find that the shampoo is a tough one. Why? Because I have very straight hair with barely any volume. Therefore, I use a bunch of products to “try” to create voluminous hair. I was very skeptical about using an all-natural shampoo, knowing I need all those extra products with a long list of ingredients to get a bit of volume!

When I received this shampoo ball from Butr in the trimester box; The Hand Made Box, I was more than happy to finally be able to give it a try. And what a happy surprise that was. My hair had the same texture and the same volume as if I had been using my previous extra volume products. After all, does less is more? Maybe, who knows!

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