A few of our favorites – April

We really love trying new products, tasting new flavors and living new experiences. One thing we really like is to find out more about the company that creates these products or that offer those services.

Every month, Sacha and I will be sharing our thoughts about a few of our favorites.



These makeup remover pads are my go to as I am trying to eliminate single used products of my day-to-day routine. They are super soft and affordable (4 for 8$). I have tried using them many different ways following Margaux, the owner’s recommendations. I have used them with coconut oil and it worked very well as a makeup remover combo. I also used them with my many daily routine products such as tonic water or my makeup remover and it worked great. I personally like how easy to use they are. After using the makeup remover pad, simply rinse it under running water with a little bit of soap, to quickly reuse it or you can simply throw it in the washing machine. Fil & Coton’s makeup remover pads come in many fun colors and prints which make it even more enjoyable to use: https://www.filetcoton.com/lingettes


I have recently discovered l’Occitane’s Shea butter collection and I love them. They offer a wide variety of products in the Shea butter collection and my favorite one is the 100% Shea butter. My skin tends to be very dry during the winter and by that, I mean extremely dry; hands, forehead, and lips. With a single application, my skin gets back to its normal state! I also like how easy it is to carry around. Let’s say that it saved my life a couple times!


Grande ourse massage therapy is a Thetford Mines based company (it’s also where Sacha and I come from!) and they send us a couple of products to test out as part of our product testing panel. I tried out the baby powder which is a white clay powder to use on my baby’s bum when changing its diaper. I also received a relaxing and antiseptic soya wax candle which smells really good. I also made good use of the 100% olive oil soap scent free which was perfect for my hands suffering from eczema. Grande ourse massage therapy’s products can be purchased online as well as at their local store in Thetford Mines. I would say that the soap was my favorite product as it was very gentle for my hands, I highly recommend it!


My best friend got this puzzle for Téo’s birthday. A massive box containing 78 “first words” puzzle pieces. Téo and I use to teach him new words. The aesthetic is very appealing for children, as well the pieces of the puzzle are easy to manipulate. Téo loves this game as he can assemble the puzzle, look at the images or pronounce the words ( or should I say read the words to him! 😉 ). You can purchase this puzzle at Renaud-Bray .

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