Our 4 best tips to stay active

I was brought up in a non-athletic family. I never had the chance to play on a sports team, unlike all the other girls in my class. We were living far from the city and playing in a team was far from being a priority, let’s say it that way. So, I never was athletic. The most I have ever done is a couple dance classes and skiing on the weekends, but nothing major.

So, when I first met my boyfriend, I quickly realized that I was phoqued. Let’s say, there was lots of work that needed to be done on my side to achieve his status. Slowly, I began running 5 km once a week, just for fun. One day he moved in with me. Being 5000km away from home without friends and family, he suggested we subscribe to the gym to keep ourselves active, but also because he had a lot of time to kill.

I still remember the first time we went to the gym together… It was so tough #Ouff. But I wanted to support him so I kept on going. And one day I really began enjoying it. To a point where I need it in my life.

So here are my best 4 tips to stay active and to enjoy it to the max!


Through the years, I have come to realize that there is always a moment where I really enjoy working out. For me, that’s when I have the time, lots of time at the gym. I might sound ironic; because one of the reasons why people don’t work out is that “they don’t have time”.  Usually, my Saturday mornings are always free, so working out at that time makes me the happiest. I can take my time and enjoy my work out to the fullest without feeling rushed (and instead of browsing the internet on my couch)!

Personally, going to the gym on a Tuesday night in between the train trip and the dinner plan, stresses me out and makes me unhappy. I don’t like that. And we are pretty much all the same; trying to make it happen every single day. Right?

At first, you need to look through your schedule and test it out. It could be during your lunch hour, or during the evening if you and your family can head out for a run or a walk to the park with the kids. Or it can be before picking up the kids at daycare…

When you will have found those precious moments hold on to them. With time, nothing will make you happier than being active.


Some prefer to go to the gym, others prefer to go outside. A colleague of mine was telling me that she loves running in the rain. Not me! But do what makes you happy! If you prefer to stay active outside make sure that you won’t be bothered with the weather. If you feel like the weather would mess up your work out, then you should probably subscribe to a gym. You know 24h/24h rain free and A/C #YesPlease ! Just that makes me want to be active!


At first, you will have to try many kinds of physical activities to find the right one for you. It can be running, biking, group class, lifting or practicing yoga. There are so many types of sport out there, don’t hesitate to try them all and don’t be shy of your performances. Keep in mind that nobody was born an athlete, we all become one with lots of practice, so we all started the same. And you know what… worst-case scenario, it’s a #fail and you have a funny story to tell your friends! Who knows you could end up falling in love with a sport you didn’t know about!


I began this post by telling you how I started working out because of my boyfriend. Well, let’s say that he was the reason why at first, but with time things changed, and I am now doing it all for me and me only.

Same thing for you, whatever first motivates you to be active, will change as time goes as you will soon realize that you’re doing it all for you. In hope that you do live a happy and healthy life. And let’s be honest, it can sometimes make you look quite good and strong! #yay

I hope these 4 tips will help you stay active. The biggest challenge is to get you started and once it’s part of your routine, you will be set for life.

Happy work out, but mostly enjoy! xx

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