We tried Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish and here is what we think!

For many years now, I have been looking for a nail polish that would last more than 48 hours. I also have to admit that my nails are very weak. I had the bad habit of biting my nails when growing up and it lasted until a few years ago. Since then my nails have been slowly growing stronger, but it’s taking some time!

That being said, I adore having beautiful coloured nails, but when you compared the time it takes you to apply the nail polish versus the time it stays on your nails, it’s often not worth it. Until the day I tried Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish.

I’ve been wanting to test out this nail polish for a long time, as I’ve been a huge fan of applying gel nail polish at home. I had the UV lamp and everything else necessary to do so. Plus, with that technique, my nail polish would last about 6 days. As I had to do it often, my nails became damaged very quickly and I, unfortunately, had to stop.


Let me tell you that when I found out Sally Hansen had created a gel style nail polish that didn’t require a UV lamp, I was thrilled! I’ve been using their nail polish since January and It’s giving me such long lasting beautiful nails.

It’s easy to apply, so much that I usually do it while watching TV. Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish dries quickly, which allows me to go back to my occupation in about 10 minutes. Plus, they offer a wide range of colours to match your style.

My favorite colour is “birthday suit” which is a super light pink that complements my skin tone very well. What I love even more is that if you’re buying Miracle gel for the first time, “birthday suit” is offered in a dual pack with the top coat at a very competitive price.

Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel is the nail polish that lasts the longest on my nails. It usually lasts 5 days with a single application, but keep in mind that my nails are very weak.

Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish was a true revelation for me, it’s this little touch of colour that makes me feel beautiful! You know, sometimes, it doesn’t take much!

What is your favorite nail polish?

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