Very Wise and all-natural products for your man

(Hahaha! We’re quite proud of this play on words 😀 #Lolillol )

I’ve been receiving a lot of products to try and my boyfriend secretly admitted that he would like some too! Oh yeah! My boyfriend likes to take care of himself sometimes! 😉

Recently, I received a beautiful package for him!

The box was barely open that we were both in awe in front of this package of all-natural men’s product made in Montreal. Wise’s packaging is neat and refined. At first glance, Wise’s products have everything to turn you on!

I put my boyfriend up to the challenge and made him test Wise’s men’s care products. You know I had too, if I wanted to give you true feedback!


The moment we received the bundle “ The essentials” from Wise, the package was barely opened that my boyfriend was already testing out their high-quality neem wood hair comb. Following that, he tried out the men’s clay pomade. My boyfriend usually has a hard time finding a good pomade for his hair as he has so many cowlicks and that his hair is curly. Wise’s clay pomade turned out to be really good in his hair. It’s easy to use and once applied it gives his hair a very natural look, not greasy and not shiny/ sticky… you know what I’m talking about! 😉

Plus, the men’s clay pomade is made of organic glacial marine clay hand-picked here in British Columbia. Which helps promote healthy hair by moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the hair.

Knowing he’s now 31 years old, there is nothing more important than having healthy hair… I would like to keep on hanging out with him and his full head of hair as long as possible! Hahah!


He also fell in love with the birch bark daily shampoo. This shampoo is less foamy than most shampoos in the market, but as he has pretty short hair, he found it easy to use. Also, the fact that this shampoo isn’t made of chemical ingredients makes this shampoo less foamy but super effective. As this shampoo is made of active ingredients and essential oils, it offers both aromatherapy and an exceptional cleansing experience.

Plus, it’s vitamin C and antioxidant rich! Here, we love the simple and easy to read list of ingredients, the reusable glass bottle, as well as the large shampoo refill pouch.

My boyfriend ended his shower by using the sea kelp soap, giving him a very attractive scent…! (Ok ladies I won’t tell you more! Hahah! 😉 )

That being said, my boyfriend enjoyed Wise products. Wise thought of everything, from the reusable glass bottle, to the beautiful list of ingredients, the very masculine scent, all that while creating very effective products.

This is the perfect Christmas gift or simply great products to offer them for their everyday routine (or to offer to your day! )!

To find out more about their products:

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