The Woodooliparc: roaring like “real” dinosaurs during this perfect family activity!

I saw on the internet a while ago that, in life, there are 3 ways to know dinosaurs:

  1. When you are a paleontologist;
  2. When you are 5 years old, and you like dinosaurs;
  3. When you are the parent of a 5-year-old, who loves dinosaurs!

LOL! So, guess in which category I am?! ?

Because my son has always loved dinosaurs and thus from a very young age, we were the PER-FECT public to visit the Woodooliparc in Scott, Beauce.

We did the “Flight 315” story, which begins with the plane crash of a scientist, George Winston. This quirky paleontologist wanted to bring back to his  2 children a Tyrannosaurus rex’s bone. After the plane crash, his 2 children found in the cockpit of the plane a damaged box with a note inside saying: “It took me 315 flights”. Inside the box was the broken bone of a T.Rex. The 2 children, who became scientists and communicators, worked really hard for years with the rest of the T.Rex’s DNA trying to recreate a real T.Rex and make it the masterpiece of their exhibition.

This magical premise puts us in the mood for the beginning of the adventure. You find all sorts of trails for each member of the family. The life-size dinosaurs are inescapable. Some of them are made of plaster whereas 15 others are articulated robots with speakers, where dinosaur noises came from.

I can assure you it’s impressive to see a 12 meters Brachiosaurus moving its long neck and its head or a T.Rex roaring with its sharp jaw. All the dinosaurs of the exhibition have a card explaining where they came from, in what era they lived, what they ate and other interesting facts.

When you arrive, you’re given a map which will be useful throughout the visit. It shows where are the different activities, you also use it to collect stamps from the various dinosaur feet, and to answer questions about the dinosaurs. All of this for, at the end of the tour, our young paleontologists get a surprise (#hint).

Besides the hundreds of dinosaurs, you can see on the site, another exciting activity (it was a huge crush for us) is searching for fossils. With shovels and brushes, the kids can dig up fake dinosaur bones, just like paleontologists.

As if it wasn’t enough, the Woodoliparc offers many other activities about dinosaurs. Here are some of them:

  • There is an interpretation centre explaining what we need to know about fossils and bones.
  • “The Raptors’ park” (le parc des Raptors) is an obstacle course which ends, for the reckless ones, by a zipline. You can also put your hands in mystery boxes, touch different dinosaur toys and try to identify them. And if you feel a little tired, there are swings to relax.
  • For the artistic ones, there is a wall cave painting activity. The cave painting is a type of prehistorical art found on the walls of caves. We are invited to draw or write our name on this big wall.
  • Shows and animations are also offered in the central area named “Paleo 101”. You can see, for example, the Raptors’ eggs hatching.

Finally, all of the family will be able to eat at the snack bar in the park, or you can bring your lunch and eat in the picnic area.

This activity is presented on Saturdays and Sundays at Scott, Beauce near the “Cache à Maxime” and the Noah Spa. It will be available until (and including) October 14, 2019.

Don’t miss the occasion to have fun with your family at Woodooliparc. Flight 315 awaits you!

This post was translated from French to English by:

Charlène Bessenay
I am Charlene. I was born in France but I live in Quebec City since 2007. I am a 32-year-old married mom of 2 (a boy and a girl), a part-time student (translation) and also a hockey mom 😉 I decided to go to university at 31 because I love foreign languages and I needed a new challenge. I love food and wine (I’m French you remember 😉 ), I have a very long travel bucket list and I practice Zumba and Yoga.

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