The Wild Woman: you are one of them!

Maybe I teach you something.

But I shouldn’t.

The Wild Woman is the part inside of you that wants to scream, sing aloud, dance till you fall, and believe in beauty. The part of you that is strong and determined to love on life. It’s what makes you want to have girls’ night, to create a “sisterhood” – the one that is here to support you and help you grow.

It’s that wild, tribal part of you that makes you want to live cyclically by following the moon’s cycle and the seasons of your own body…


That’s the one who wants to make you believe in astrology, in spiritism, in the power of creation of your own body: it’s what makes you want to emancipate yourself from the actual society, that makes you feel a little unconventional.

It’s what makes you feel so good outdoor, at the lake, in the forest, in the mountains or at sea: it’s what makes you want to have a more straightforward, purer, more united life, full of love and simplicity.

You get your strong character from her, she makes you want to break down barriers for yourself or for others. She can also make you want to feel alone and deeply want to take care of yourself and feel peaceful when you do.

The Wild Woman likes to create – her own cosmetic products, her own bread or classic art like music or drawing. She likes to be surrounded by friends and family, but she also understands the need to be alone, recharge her battery, and listen to herself. She learns to love herself, be confident in her abilities, and use her intuition as her best guide.

She believes, or not, in a particular spirituality. No matter what she believes in, she usually feels better when surrounded by nature, and maybe she can dream of living in harmony.


We live in a difficult time for her; the cities are expanding, the technology is growing, which brings isolation.

The post-industrial and capitalistic era is harmful in the long term. If you listen to people around you, you may realize there is more than one Wild Woman uncomfortable around you. They show up in this moment of physical isolation and without reference points. They can, maybe, help you understand your Wild Woman.

The awakening of the Wild Woman follows its own path, don’t force it. For some of them, this energy is really here, and for some of them, it’s less present. And it’s ok. Just be alert to her call, you will know when she will need to appear in your life.


We are living big changes on the Earth: it’s time to evolve, to change the system that drives us directly in a precipice, collectively and individually. And that’s what the Wild Woman in you is here for.

She is here to destroy what doesn’t fit anymore in order to rebuild it better. She is here to scream out loud and awake those who are still sleeping. She is here to shake things up, but with love and firmness. Her purpose is not to make you lose your reference points; it is to realign yourself. She is here to put you on the right path, the one that your soul is following, the purer version of yourself: the unconventional path, one that might be difficult to follow, but that is yours.


She was repressed for years, and now she is fed-up: Mother Earth is fed-up. It may be the last wakeup call you get.

So, scream, sing, dance as much as you want, free the woman who wants to live unattached, live free, and express herself. Let her awaken herself and others around you, to change things together.

To every Wild Woman who will read this message, I send you all my love, courage, and admiration; you can be the sparkle that will light the blaze of liberation.

From a Wild Woman in awakening.

This post was translated from French to English by:

Charlène Bessenay
I am Charlene. I was born in France but I live in Quebec City since 2007. I am a 32-year-old married mom of 2 (a boy and a girl), a part-time student (translation) and also a hockey mom 😉 I decided to go to university at 31 because I love foreign languages and I needed a new challenge. I love food and wine (I’m French you remember 😉 ), I have a very long travel bucket list and I practice Zumba and Yoga.

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