Repair damaged hair with Yves Rocher’s Repair Sleeping Care

Some time ago, Léa and I had the opportunity to rediscover Yves Rocher’s products. I say rediscovering as when we were young, our mother used to be a big fan of their products. Let’s say that many orders came through our doors. It only brought us back great memories of our childhood when we received the beautiful gift package from Yves Rocher.

We were so happy to be receiving several products in the package. We got skin products, lipstick, cleanser, and hair products. After trying the products for many weeks, I have been pleased with the results, and even more blown away by one of their hair care products.

The Repair Sleeping Care hair product for very dry or damaged hair, keep on surprising me. My hair tips tend to break even when taking good care of my natural hair by avoiding hair colour. I also have a very bad habit, where I try to pick out the broken part of each hair, and I can never seem to get them all! Obviously! 😉 Until I tried this product, it changed my life (or almost changed 😉 ).

I usually apply Yves Rocher’s Repair Sleeping Care hair product, before going to bed on my dry hair, about twice a week. Using a small amount of the product (as large as a ¢25) I apply it to the tip of my hair, then I gently brush them, and I go to bed! First, I feel like a hair goddess! It smells so good! Just for the smell, I would use it every day. The next day, my hair is back to normal, not oily, but my hair tips are repaired. My hair looks healthier, so much so that I can no longer find the broken tips!

Yves Rocher’s Repair Sleeping Care hair product has been a real revelation to me. It’s super affordable at about $8 a bottle, and it does miracles on dry or damaged hair to make them 20 times more resistant. Plus, it contains more than 96 % of ingredients from natural origin. The ingredients list really speaks to me, knowing that those ingredients are good for my hair. If like me, you tend to have broken hair tips, I strongly recommend this product!

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